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Sunday 06 February 2022


Please, find below the whole program in English:



By James Thierrée
Friday 14 January to Sunday 6 February 2022 at Grande Salle
Running time: 1h30 (TBC)
Times: Tues-Fri at 7.30pm, Sat & Sun at 5pm
No performances on Mondays or Thursdays

With James Thierrée, Ching-Ying Chien, Mathias Durand, Samuel Dutertre, Hélène Escriva, Steeve Eton, Damien Fleau, Maxime Fleau, Myrtille Hetzel, Nora Horvath

The magnificent James Thierrée, of the illustrious Thierrée family, will inaugurate the new Théâtre de Carouge with the world premiere of his original creation, ROOM. It begins with a chamber orchestra, furiously rehearsing with all their might, and then...
Imagination and poetry intertwine in this “room”, a giant box of surprises, a space where anything is possible, where exceptional performers of every stripe and discipline abound. A joyous experience not to be missed!

De James Thierrée
12 January through 6 February 2022
Duration 1h30 , Grande Salle
Tuesday to Friday 19h30
Saturday and Sunday 17h

Dan Jemmett will work on «Almost Hamlet». Dan Jemmett is a British director who works mostly in France.

25 February through 10 April 2022

The beautiful «The Tale of Tales» by a Columbian director Omar Porras and even Pierre Richard will come to perform in Carouge theatre at the end of this season.

22 March through 10 April 2022

Looking forward to welcome you in our new Carouge Theatre

Théâtre de Carouge
Grande Salle et Petite Salle
Rue Ancienne 37
1227 Carouge

Bus 11, 21 | Trams 12 et 18
arrêts Carouge-Marché et Carouge-Ancienne