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Sunday 16 January 2022

Théâtre des Marionnettes de Genève



14-30 January 2022
Duration 60 minutes
Age Adults, teenagers, from 8 years old

A breathless journey in the Great North in search of absolute freedom

Buck, a pampered house dog, lives a sweet and sleepy existence on the shores of California until the discovery of a certain yellow metal thousands of miles away turns his comfortable life upside down. Buck is kidnapped and transported to the far north to serve as a hitching dog for the gold diggers. He has to trade his well-filled bowl for meager rations defended by fangs, his bunk by the fire for holes dug in the snow, idleness for hard work... He discovers the cruelty of men and the ferocity of nature, the taste of blood and the struggle for survival, but also the exhilaration of the trail and the great outdoors. Exhausted, he nevertheless feels an unsuspected and indomitable ancestral force awaken in him, a formidable fury of living coupled with a devouring desire for freedom. Will he be able to listen to his long-buried instincts and follow the wild call?


Location Rue Rodo 3, Genève