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From Saturday 21 March 2020
To Sunday 22 March 2020

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the yoga of being yourself
*an urban sanctuary event*

A practice to discover your authentic self that honors the experience of being human in a female body.

Geneva & Lausanne, Switzerland on March 21st & 22nd, 2020

Learning to be real may be THE most important practice of our life. Identifying what is authentically us, and what is not. Daring to drop our masks, our stories, and the conditioning that is keeping us
in a box, limited, and contracted. This is the practice of learning to hear the voice in our heart and allowing our lives to be guided by this voice.

This is a practice in deep self care as so much of our pain and physical and mental suffering are caused by being something that we are not. Or not being what we really are. As we slowly unravel the stories and unveil deeper truths, we access our innate vitality and feminine power to meet life’s challenges with grace, courage, and wisdom. While this process is personal, as women alive in this period in history we are all part of the same collective backdrop for our experiences. By coming together as women to bring greater awareness to our individual and shared experiences, we open the doors to healing for ourselves, our ancestors, and our children.

This workshop will include simple but profound practices to develop a capacity for greater presence in the here and now, which is the foundation for becoming authentic women. In the safety of a circle of women we will use the tools of yoga, meditation, movement, and inquiry to support our exploration of this yoga of being yourself.

This workshop is a unique and beautiful fusion of the support & connection of a women’s circle and the personal practice of yoga & meditation designed to allow you to experience yourself as what you really are: a sacred woman with a completely unique presence that is a gift to humanity.

All levels of yoga welcome.

Sheila Chacko
Yoga and meditation teacher, retreat facilitator, and specialist in women’s spirituality. A yogini of 20 years Sheila’s teachings are based on empowering people to tap into and follow their own intuitive wisdom and direct experience. She teaches how to enter into dialogue with our bodies in a respectful way as the doorway into opening our hearts and expanding our consciousness. Her yoga could be best described as tantric hatha and is a deep practice that encourages strengthening, softening, and opening simultaneously. Ultimately her classes and teaching point one back to finding and resting in her essential self.

When & Where
March 21st, 2020 in Geneva at 14:30-17:30
L'Espace EKA , Rue de la Coupe Gordon-Bennett 1, 1219 Vernier

March 22nd, 2020 in Lausanne at 14:30-17:30
L’Assise, Avenue de Cour 103, 1007

Note: The workshop will be taught in English, but as Sheila understands French, for the parts that involve speaking and sharing, you are welcome to express yourself in either French or English.

Aligning with the laws and ways of Nature, which in essence is abundance and cycles of harmonious exchange, I am offering my work without defining the price. I will offer you my time, my experience, my holding, and my heart. You decide your offering based on the value of your experience, normal pricing for similar events, and your means.


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