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From Monday 01 January 2018
To Sunday 29 April 2018

chillon medieval factory 1


27 January 2017 to 29 April 2018

Nowadays, many medieval inventions still simplify our lives: our ancestors started using forks to eat pasta, and thanks to their fireplaces, they could cook and warm up their houses, which started having glass windows. To put on eyeglasses to read a book, or to play chess, became popular activities. Today, who could manage without the comfort of these inventions? Could you?

Come discover more than fifteen revolutionary inventions scattered across the Castle of Chillon, a wonderful architectural creation that is also the result of medieval innovation.

“Medieval Factory”: a playful, interactive exhibition, not to be missed. From January 27th 2017, to April 29th, 2018.

Aside from castles and knights, what else do we owe to the Middle Ages?

Many inventions from this period still make our lives easier today. Seeing better with spectacles, writing on paper, finding the way with a compass, and transporting materials in a wheelbarrow all began in medieval times. Although it is true that certain inventions like the compass and gun-powder already existed in the East before appearing in Europe, there is no doubt that the Middle Ages period was more inventive than it often seems.

This exhibition makes it possible to discover both the history and technology of these inventions, and of course to give them a try!

Demonstrations will be given during your visit: the trebuchet and the printing process will no longer hold any secrets!