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By Sarah Santacroce at Simplicity. Free image courtesy of Master isolated images / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I’m a big fan of LinkedIn Groups. But there’s not just LinkedIn who has groups. Facebook too ! In this post I’ll tell you how I participate in Facebook Groups & why I like them !
What Is a Facebook Group?

According to Webopedia, Facebook Groups are pages that you create within Facebook that are based around a real-life interest or group or to declare an affiliation or association with people and things.

Why Should You Join a Facebook Group?

Facebook Groups are great to stay connected with a group of people and friends to promote, share and discuss relevant topics. You can join a group for personal interest, or, as in my case, for professional reasons.
Two examples of groups that I’m a member of:

  • A group of Social Media Specialists: on this group we share our expertise, learn from each other, help each other out & help promote each other’s businesses. I learn a lot from my fellow members who are other Social Media Enthusiasts from all over the world.
  • A group of fellow Mompreneurs in my region: on this group I get to learn what other local business owners are offering, and can also promote my own services from time to time. What unites us is the fact that a) we are all mompreneurs and b) we are all local to the Geneva, Switzerland area.

Why I Like Facebook Groups

Let’s be honest here, we all spend time on Facebook every day. So it makes sense to be participating in groups on a platform where you check in daily anyway. Each time someone posts something on one of your groups, you also get a notification from FB. I also like the visual aspect of these groups. And the fact that you can message each group member individually !
Facebook Groups versus LinkedIn Groups

For my “Get More Coaching Clients With Online Marketing“course I created a LinkedIn Group for members to socialize, share experiences & ask questions. I could have chosen a Facebook group too, but LinkedIn seemed more appropriate in this case. I think the choice will depend on your audience. If you’re creating a group for Financial Analysts, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d say LinkedIn is better. To stay in touch with your college friends, I would choose Facebook…

Author's Bio

santacroce_webSarah Santacroce is a certified social media, internet marketing, and virtual event specialist. She enjoys every aspect of small business marketing. It is her mission to help other small businesses and solopreneurs increase their visibility and use social media tools as part of their marketing strategy.

Sarah draws on 12 years of experience in Business Administration, in fields ranging from Employee Training to Public Relations at big and small companies. She became interested in Online Marketing and Social Media to promote her own business and after lots of research and numerous classes and webinars she is now offering that knowledge to other small- to mid-sized businesses who struggle to find their place on the web.

This article is the latest in a series of regular contributions that Sarah makes to her guest blog on knowitall.ch.  You can see more articles from Sarah on her own website at: www.simplicityadmins.ch

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