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Monday 13 May 2024


Soirées d'observation

In today's image-driven society, it's easy to find astronomy photos that present celestial objects with extraordinary precision. But the thrill of seeing Saturn with your own eyes, or trying to make out a distant galaxy through a telescope, is an unforgettable experience.

Geneva Observatory has two telescopes: a 35 cm telescope on the roof of the institute, ideal for observing the planets and the Moon; and a 60 cm telescope (TELESTO) in a dome on the site, ideal for photographing nebulae and galaxies.

About once a month, we organize night sky observation evenings for the public. Accompanied by an astronomer, for two hours after dark, observers for the evening can observe planets, stars and nebulae, depending on the sky configuration and weather conditions. In the event of inclement weather, the evening is maintained and a planetarium-type session is offered.

Note concerning children: For safety reasons, children under 10 are not admitted.

Please dress warmly!


In view of the success of our observation evenings, we're changing our registration system! From now on, registrations will be taken ON THE SAME DAY between 8h30 and 10h, using a special REGISTRATION FORM (outside these dates, the form is inactive) and participants will be drawn at random. The lucky winners will be notified by telephone between 10h30 and 11h30.

Due to capacity, sessions are limited to 15-18 people.

Year 2024
Monday, 15 January 18h30 Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, winter sky
Tuesday, 13 February 19h Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, winter sky
Thursday, 14 March 19h30 Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, spring sky
Thursday, 11 April 21h Moon, Jupiter, spring sky
Monday, 13 May 21h30 Moon, ISS, spring sky
Monday, 7 October 20h Saturn, Uranus, autumn sky
Monday, 11 November 18h Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, autumn sky
Tuesday, 10 December 18h Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, winter sky



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