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Saturday 09 December 2023


The theatre offers performances surtitled / subtitled in French and English making the joy of theatre accessible to hard-of-hearing and English-speaking patrons in the greater Geneva area.

Rue Ancienne 37 A
1227 Carouge

26, 30 September and 6 October 2023
Subtitles available on tablet only
It’s said that all joy contains some tragedy within it, and director François Gremaud takes on the task of revealing the joy within the tragedy of Phèdre. Alone on stage with only a book and a table, actor Romain Daroles, with his Gascon accent, makes the ideal vessel, sparking a love of language and the desire to dive deep into Racine’s masterpiece. A runaway success of the 2019 Swiss Selection at the Avignon Festival, this adaptation of Phèdre is a passionate odyssey on the waves of Alexandrine verse, bravely riding against the tide of monotony with mischief in its sails.

A special day
17, 18, and 21 October 2023
Subtitles available on tablet only
Rome, 6 May 1938. Hitler arrives to celebrate his union with Mussolini. The people are summoned to the festivities and everyone rushes to congratulate them. Everyone, that is, except Antonietta, a married mother of six, who must stay home as convention demands. By chance, she meets another neighbour who has remained at home: Gabriele, a gay intellectual who is threatened with deportation. They discover in their mutual solitude the foundations of a deep bond, and what started as a special day for the nation becomes their own intimately shared moment. Swiss director Lilo Baur and her gifted team lend their talents to this adaptation of Ettore Scola’s famous film depicting a pivotal day in history when a moment proves stronger than time itself.

25 and 28 November, and 1 December 2023
Surtitled in English and French
Charlie Gordon is 37 years old but has the mental age of a 6 year old… Due to his intellectual impairment, he’s chosen by a pair of scientists to take part in an experiment to augment his mental capabilities. The operation is a success, and Charlie sees his intelligence increase day by day. But the more he learns, the less he understands the world around him. With a powerhouse cast of 10 romand actors, including the deeply moving Pascal Schopfer, Daniel Keyes’ novel gets an adaptation worth its salt from director Christian Denisart: suspense, poetry, humour and emotion underscore this beautiful quest for happiness.

The way of the world
5, 9 December 2023 and 10 January 2024
Subtitles available on tablet only
On the heels of author-explorer Ella Maillart, Nicolas Bouvier published in 1963 The Way of the World, an account of his expedition across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, illustrated by Thierry Vernet, who joined him en route. Equipped with a car (a Fiat 500 Topolino!), a modest amount of savings and a typewriter, he sets off to encounter the Other as much as himself. Catherine Schaub invites us to uproot ourselves, to allow ourselves to be dazzled by difference and kinship in bringing to life an enlightening journey that is as far-flung as it is internal, sublimely performed by Samuel Labarthe.

The False Servant
12 January 2024
Surtitles / subtitles projected above the stage and on tablet
This masterpiece by Marivaux can be summed up in a single sentence: it’s the story of a young woman who, having seen the true face of the man she’s due to marry, disguises herself as a man instead. Her ruse causes the masks worn by those around her to fall, revealing financial motivations and rank Machiavellianism… But that would be too easy a description for this piece, whose assortment of fantastical lies, schemes and antics forms a spectacular palette for these actors to play with. Set against Rudy Sabounghi’s exquisite decor, this adaptation developed by Jean Liermier in 2020 will be here for you to (re)discover for a limited time before it leaves on tour.

27, 30 January and 2 February 2024
Surtitled in English and French
Fantasio, the ultimate Musset hero, wallows in feelings of melancholy and revolt, with no prospects to speak of. The death of the King’s fool presents an ideal challenge: take his place and attempt to convince the Princess to break the shackles of convention by renouncing her arranged marriage to the Prince of Mantua. This show was born of a shared desire with the TKM, led by Omar Porras, to combine a classical text with a group of fresh graduates from Swiss theatre schools. The magnificent Laurent Natrella (former member of the Comédie-Française) will fan the flames of Musset’s words for our delectation.

The Suicide, a Soviet vaudeville
3, 5 March 2024
Surtitled in English and French
Semyon is an unemployed young man who is supported by his wife Masha and believes the solution to his predicament is to learn to play an instrument: the tuba. But his plan fails and, after a row with Masha, he disappears, threatening to breathe “his last sigh!” Panicked, Masha warns her neighbours and the entire building is seized with fear, with all the residents getting involved and seeking to profit from the situation. What follows is an onslaught of manoeuvring and manipulation, much to the chagrin of Semyon, who has only one desire: to live! From this satirical work (which was banned by the Soviet regime in 1928 before it could even be performed), Jean Bellorini and his cast construct an incredible ode to joy worthy of a modern fairytale.

I am Frehel
March 19, 22, 23
Subtitles in English and French on tablet only
This is the story of a fresh-faced young girl named Fréhel, a chanson réaliste singer of the interwar period whose chaotic fate swings wildly from success to moments of ruin. It’s also the story of a contemporary female author, Violaine Schwartz, who discovers Fréhel and decides to write a novel about her. And finally, it’s the story of the remarkable actress Christine Vouilloz who decides to speak Violaine’s words, choosing director Gian Manual Rau to accompany her on this Russian doll-style adventure and lend his superb skills to the stories of three distinct characters: the singer, the novelist, and Life herself.


  • On site: Rue Ancienne 37 A, 1227 Carouge
  • Tuesday to Friday 12h-18h
  • Monday and Saturday closed
  • 30 minutes before the show, ask for the tablet at reception, in exchange for your ID.
  • After the show, return the tablet to reception and pick up your ID.
Location Carouge, GE