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Sunday 15 January 2023

Swan Lake


Royal Classical Ballet
Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Ballet in two acts

Starring David Motta Soares and Yolanda Correa

Principal Dancers of Staatsиallett Berlin

From site: For more than 100 years - undeniable popularity among the world ballet public, like no other work of the classical repertoire.
“This passion, which no one can be ashamed of, because nowhere, as in this non-classical choreography by Lev Ivanov, did classical ballet reach its artistic perfection” (Horst Kegler)

The fairy tale love story of Prince Siegfried and the enchanted Princess Odette is one of the most beautiful on the world ballet stage. The power of true love will break the spell of the evil genius, but before that, the heroes will have to overcome many obstacles in their path...

Swan Lake takes viewers into a magical world where good triumphs over evil and where even adults want to return again. The charming beauty of scenery and costumes, virtuoso choreography, ingenious music and fabulous content take you into the enchanting world of ballet and give a real holiday for the whole family.

Celebrating his coming of age in the royal palace, Prince Siegfried is having fun among friends. Suddenly, a flock of swans flying over the park catches his attention. In the forest, on the shore of the lake, among the swan girls, the prince finds Odette, the swan queen with a crown on her head. Conquered by her unearthly beauty and shocked by her story of persecution by the evil owner of the lake, Rothbart, Siegfried swears eternal love to Odette. At a ball in the castle, at the behest of the queen mother, he must choose a bride for himself. However, the prince is indifferent to all the beauties present at the ball, until Odile appears in the form of a beautiful black swan, who is actually the daughter of the evil genius Rothbart. In it, Siegfried sees Odette, and he prefers her. Realizing that he made a fatal mistake, Siegfried runs to the lake and begs Odette for forgiveness, but in order to bring back the seemingly lost beloved, the prince in love will have to fight with Rothbart's witchcraft spells.

Such an enchanting spectacle cannot be described, it must be seen, heard and felt for yourself!


Bâtiment des Forces Motrices
Pl. des Volontaires 2
1204 Genève

Location Geneva