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Saturday 22 January 2022



Saturday January 22, 2022 from 10am to 6pm on the HEAD Campus
Bât. H, Av. de Châtelaine 7
Building E, Av. de Châtelaine 5
Building A, Rte des Franchises 2
Building D, Bd James-Fazy 15

The 2G rule (vaccinated or cured) applied to the visiting public.
Wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone in the buildings.

HEAD - Geneva opens its doors in person and online on Saturday January 22, 2022 from 10am to 6pm.

Come and discover our different Bachelor and Master courses on the HEAD Campus or online on our platform www.portesouvertes-head.ch.

The four buildings of the HEAD Campus will be open all day for free and guided tours. The metal, wood, prototyping and ceramics workshops, the classrooms, the film studios, the photo and video pools, all the spaces and infrastructures of the HEAD will be open to the public. Exhibitions, screenings and meetings with the teaching staff, students and young graduates await you.

The presentation of admission requirements by the teaching coordinator and head of the Admissions Office, the general presentation of the school by the director and the presentations of the different courses by the heads of the departments will take place at the times below in Building H, for the Bachelor's courses, and in Building E, for the Master's courses. The conferences will all be broadcast live on the internet:

Bachelor presentations - Building H
11:00 am Presentation of the Bachelor admission requirements
11:30 General presentation of the HEAD by the director J-P. Greff
12:00 Visual communication
12:30 pm Illustration
1:00 pm Interior design
1:30 pm Visual arts - five options
2:00 pm Cinema
2:30 Fashion Design
3:00 p.m. Jewellery & Accessories Design
4:00 p.m. Presentation of admission requirements Bachelor

Master presentation - Building E
12:00 Presentation of the Master admission requirements
12:30 General presentation of the HEAD by the director J.-P. Greff
1:00 pm Media Design
1:30 pm Fashion & Accessories Design
2:30 pm Visual Arts - Work.master, Contemporary Art Practices
3:00 pm Visual Arts - CCC, Research program
3:30 pm Visual Arts - TRANS, Socially Engaged Art Practices
4:00 pm Interior Design
4:30 pm Space & Communication
5:00 pm Cinema

All presentations will be available for replay on the Open House website until the admissions deadline. The Open House online platform will feature a variety of new content, videos, virtual campus tours, and information on courses, campus facilities, and admissions requirements.

The current Covid measures will be applied. Masks and hydroalcoholic solution will be available in all areas of the HEAD.

Bachelor & Master courses
Visual Arts
Interior design
Space and communication
Visual communication
Comics, Illustration
Media Design
Fashion Design
Product Design / Jewelry and accessories