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Tuesday 27 August 2019


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In the Business of Building People

People are often surprised when I tell them that I am in the business of building people. That is, however, precisely what we at e5-portfolio have set as our mission. In fact, I have set up a company whose prime focus is to help young, creative minds develop into mature and innovative thinkers ready to make their way in the world. Do you remember that time when the only thing that counted was to look cool to others? Well multiply your own experience times ten and that could very well be what your child is currently experiencing. In the present climate of social media, fake news, climate change etc. It should come as no great surprise to you that the parent/child relationship can suffer greatly and so can school performance, general health etc.

We at e5-portfolio accompany young people from adolescence (a tough time for the best of us) to adulthood and from school (or a gap year) to a top university within the Arts anywhere in the world. We deliver a 6-9 month programme which can be done whilst at school or built into a gap year. Through our 5 step process we take each individual member on their journey of self discovery before underpinning their own unique portfolio with their passion.
Although we address and even nurture the ego of our e5 members we do step beyond that and focus on issues of equal importance e.g. pleasure (needed but like a good meal / unsustainable), passion (like image making / more sustainable but still only punctual even if daily), purpose (usually afforded by an individuals contribution to something beyond self / totally sustainable). Mission driven people do not have difficulty getting up in the mornings so we aim to engage with each member in their own chosen mission.

In brief you might say that we have set up innovation incubator for young creatives right here in Geneva. Our portfolios are accepted in all the top Arts universities across the planet, not because they are technically wondrous but because they are totally authentic and amplify the voice of each individual member to their own specific target university... UAL, Conde Nast, Parsons New School NY, Strate, were just a few of the universities that accepted our members last year. n.b. we can deliver the programme in both English and French. We have100% success rate.

I was recently approached by someone who wants us to take the e5-concept to Bulgaria. So this year we are starting to reach out beyond Geneva and develop our distance learning programme..

You can register now for our free intro session and e-book
Stephen Preece
Founder e5-portfolio

Location Geneva