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Saturday 29 September 2018


"Désalpe" is the best-known of all traditional mountain festivities. After more than four months of grazing in alpine pastures, cows make their way down to the plain.

Thundering bells will be hanging from the cow's necks and brightly colored flowers on their heads. Parade, traditional music and selling of local produce among other things.

A great feast that marks the end of the Alpine season. During the event, the passage of numerous herds decorated with flowers show the great passion of the farmers for their livestock. Cows, goats, and pigs pass through the village throughout the day to the sound of bells and Alphorns. Various typical animations are proposed and craftsmen of the region present their works at the market.

NOTE: route Blanche is closed to traffic from 8h-13h!

A diversion will be implemented by Arzier. Exit Gland then follow Begnins, Arzier and parking provided at the entrance to the village of St-Cergue "The Clairvaux".

From France, park at "The Cheseaux"

It is recommeneded to use the P'tit Train Rouge (www.nstcm.ch) from Nyon:
Departure from Nyon 6h52, 7h52, 8h22, 8h52 and hourly at _h22 and _h52
Departure from La Cure hourly at _h48




Location St-Cergue, VD