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Nyon wishes to educate smokers and offer them a simple and practical solution to help keep the streets clean. A small, recyclable, attractive round tin box is being provided for the discrete disposal of their cigarette butts and used chewing gum, which can be thrown away later in the garbage. The campaign begins April 19th, 2011. Five thousand pocket ashtrays are available free at various distribution points.


Dressed in the visual identity of Nyon’s waste logo, this little ashtray that opens and closes with a single click, will also host chewing gum or other small garbage such as candy wrappers. Seen as a waste of no importance, many cigarette butts are discarded daily in the streets of the city. However, their slow degradation contributes to polluting the environment, including water. The street cleaners have noticed a marked increase of cigarette butts in the streets, which happens to coincide with the cantonal no-smoking ban in public places. This is what prompted the Municipality to raise awareness to preserve the cleanliness of streets.


Distributed in town, accompanied by a brochure, and also available at the déchèterie de Bourgogne (chemin de Bourgogne 12), reception of the Administration communale (place du Château 3) and the Police station (place du Château 10), this pocket ashtray will become the gadget of the year! Distribution of these gems will be targeted at people using the beach and pool and at any smoker over age 16 with the slogan "Well done!"


This simple gesture by the Nyonnais helps contribute to the cleanliness of Nyon's public areas. «Pour une ville propre, mégots et chewing-gums sont à leur place dans le cendrier de poche».