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hgtv3The American TV station, Home & Garden Television (HGTV), is launching a brand new series that will feature the stunning home properties of American expats living abroad.   With over 90 million viewers and a huge web following, the station has chosen Geneva as one of the first locations to be featured in the new show.

In the Geneva episode, the program host will explore four homes looking for great design ideas and highlighting the value-added elements within each space. From interior design to the lifestyle and culture of the area, the homeowners will give viewers a first hand look at what it’s like to live overseas.

Filming will begin in Geneva the week of July 11th.  Chosen homeowners will need to commit to one day of filming (the interview portion only takes about 3 hours; the remainder of the day is spent taking beauty shots of “your space”). The producers hope to have completed “casting” no later than June 1st so if you’re interested in taking part, don’t waste any time contacting them.

hgtv2Applicants are requested to submit pictures of themselves and their homes (interior and exterior shots).  If the producers like your space they will then contact you to set up a phone interview.

According to producer, Katie Woolsey, this will be one of the most artistically shot programs on the HGTV network. She says, “We are looking for fun, outgoing, enthusiastic homeowners in Geneva, so don’t wait to be a part of this amazing opportunity!”

The new, as yet untitled, show will be aired in America in the fall and should be available for viewing on www.hgtv.com.

If you’re interested in applying, please contact Katie immediately, and email photos of you and your property to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
001-303-872-8678 (USA)