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bathroomDo you want to sell your house quickly by making it "pop out" above the others?  Do you want to get the most money from your house without entering into the negotiation process?

If so, you should take a look at the services offered by Irrésistible Intérieur, specialists in "home staging" – a marketing concept that was pioneered in the USA in the seventies and which consists of preparing your home so that it sells faster, and for more money.

Owner, Marie-Hélène Tallon, explains, “Staging is all about creating the most interest in your home by presenting it in the best possible light without spending too much money.”

She adds, “It is a well known fact that 90% of people are unable to imagine anything beyond what they see.  So if they see a bedroom cluttered with too much furniture, or a lounge decorated in fabrics that are not to their taste, they are immediately turned off.  The first few seconds are crucial – if the first impression is bad then it’s almost impossible to change their opinion later.”

Having taken classes in interior design at the Ecole Athenaeum in Lausanne and followed a Home Staging training course in Paris led by Sylvie Aubin from En Toute Sérénité, Marie-Hélène is well qualified to help you transform your house into something the buyer is looking for – prinicipally “space”, “light” and a “welcoming feel” as soon as they enter through the front door.

By combining a few simple techniques for decluttering, depersonalizing and refreshing your house, with some practical tools for redefining your space, removing excess furniture, accessorizing your rooms and harmonizing their color, Marie-Hélène is confident that she can set your house apart and place it in a different league from others on the housing market!

Bedroom before home staging  Bedroom after home staging

If needed, Marie-Hélène can also rent out furniture and accessories to furnish an empty house for sale, or to make a temporary rental home more habitable for those who have just moved to Switzerland.

In conclusion Marie-Hélène says, “At Irrésistible Intérieur we help anyone who wants to sell their home quickly, in particular expats who prefer to focus on other important aspects of moving instead of being totally focused on or frustrated by the sale of their existing property.”

Irrésistible Intérieur operates between Geneva and Montreux, and in neighboring France.  For further information contact Marie-Hélène Tallon by telephoning her on + 41 76 413 21 66 or emailing her on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Alternatively you may visit the website at: www.irresistible-interieur.com, which also includes details of Marie-Hélène’s Interior Design service.