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Now that the cold weather is behind us some of you may be starting to think about those renovation projects which you have put on hold over the Winter period.  Some of you may be putting your projects off even longer while you pluck up the courage to discuss your requirements in a language, with which you don't feel entirely familiar!  It can be one thing ordering your groceries in French, quite another ordering windows!

Local renovation company, Maisons de Rêve, may just be the company you are looking for.  The company claims to be able to find solutions to virtually any project, whether it be building an extension, renovating a room or creating a room, fitting a new kitchen or re-doing a floor - the list goes on.  They can also act as project managers for bigger sites.  They do virtually everything you might require, except electricals.

Based in Etoy, they work in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva, and sometimes further afield.

Owner, Dean Careless, says "As I am English, there is no confusion with the expat community. I think the main advantage to Maisons de Rêve is having one person in charge of the whole site. Too often, I have seen clients come to me complaining that the builder came but the plasterer didn't and so the builder couldn't do his job, let alone the plumber (for example). My business avoids this issue entirely and we can simply get on with the job at hand."

For further information, visit the website: http://www.maisonsdereve.ch/