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A new relocation company has been launched to help new arrivals settle into the Pays de Gex and surrounding areas of France.

Set up by Gillian Brotherwood and Aislinn Delmotte in the Summer of 2012, Settling Here aims to provide practical help and advice to individuals, couples and families relocating to a region where some of the customs are similar to those in neighboring Switzerland, but where many aspects of living are entirely different - enough to warrant a dedicated agency!

A former recruitment and training specialist, Gillian told knowitall.ch, "Having moved to France ourselves, Aislinn and I know only too well the difficulties associated with relocating here.  Although there are numerous agencies in Geneva, which apparently cover neighboring France, we found that there is not much targeted support available for people moving to this country, where administrative procedures are quite unique and advice needs to be tailored to local requirements.  Settling Here aims to bridge that gap and provide information which is specific not only to France but to the Pays de Gex region too. In short, we will guide you through the bureaucracy that comes with living in this special part of France.”

An experienced Project and Account Manager, Aislinn added, “One thing I also missed when arriving in France in 2000 was a social network of people, where we could exchange ideas and also talk about our experiences in a relaxed environment.  One of the principal aims of Settling Here is to bring new arrivals together so that they don’t feel alone and can share their worries with like-minded people. Our workshops and information sessions have been created precisely with this in mind.”

Settling Here offers three basic services to clients:

Monthly Workshops provide an opportunity for people to meet others who have recently moved to the area and enable participants to tap into a wealth of information offered not only by Gillian and Aislinn, but also expert speakers from the region. Recent speakers have included Dr. Penny Fraser from HealthFirst and Denise Nickerson, educational consultant and co-author of Know-it-all Passport’s Education Guide Switzerland.

Weekly Information Sessions allow participants to discuss a range of topics each week and include, for example: what to do in an emergency situation; insurance requirements in France; driving laws: and cross-border issues.

Individual Assistance can be provided to those people seeking specific guidance and advice on practical issues such as: vehicle purchases; inventory checks; finding activities and clubs in the area; enrolling children in local schools; and where to shop locally.

To give newcomers an opportunity to try out their services and meet Gillian and Aislinn in person, Settling Here hosted their first free clinic at Jim’s British Market in St. Genis Pouilly in January.  So successful was the event that they will host a second clinic at Jim’s on Tuesday, 12 March from 10h00 to 12h00, at which Jim is kindly offering again a 10% discount on any food or drink consumed during the session.  The first 5 attendees to arrive at this clinic will also receive a voucher to attend one of Settling Here’s Information Sessions.  The next one of these, priced at just €20, will be held in Cessy on Thursday, 14 March from 9h00 to 11h00, and the core topic will be “Getting the best mobile phone deal for you.” Given the problems associated with making and receiving calls in both France and Switzerland, this session is bound to be popular!

Settling Here
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+33 (0)673369656
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+33 (0)648617685

Free Clinic
Jim’s British Market
147 Rue du Mont Rond
Zone de l'Allondon
St. Genis-Pouilly
01630 France
12 March, 2013, 10h00 to 12h00

Information Session: Getting the best mobile phone deal for you
Price: €20
14 March, 2013, 9h00 to 11h00