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First it was the Morges tulip festival, then we had the opportunity to see the wonderful collection of irises and daylillies at the Château de Vullierens, and now it is the turn of the Dahlia!
From mid-July to October, visitors to Morges will be able to feast their eyes upon more than 2,100 dahlias, planted over a stretch of 1500m along the lakeside (between the Parc de l’Indépendance and the Parc de Vertou, mainly from the temple towards the direction of Lausanne).
With 73 varieties on show, this unique festival, is an ideal place to visit with families and friends – anyone with visitors staying over the Summer holidays should definitely consider adding this to their list of potential days out!  Any elderly visitors or young children, who are not keen/able to walk the length of the flower display can also view the dahlias from the Petit Train.
According to the Morges Tourist Office, the best time to visit is in August and September when the flowers have had more time to bloom.
The list of varieties on show, and their location along the lakeside, can be downloaded at the following website location: www.morges-tourisme.ch/dahlia. It is also possible to order a limited number of dahlia bulbs for collection after the festival is over, using the order form available on this website.  If you miss the deadline for orders, there will also be a separate sale on the 3 and 4 November, between 10h and 16h at the Château de Morges.
For more information in English, visit the following website: www.morges-tourisme.ch/en/page.cfm/flowers_nature/dahlia_quay