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Photo ©juraparc

Juraparc is a park with a 400m-long elevated observation deck, 3m above the ground. The back of the park is a natural cliff 10 to 20 meters high. You can see bears, wolves, bison, lynx, and specialty horses. Situated between Vallorbe and the Vallée de Joux, the park is dominated by the impressive Dent de Vaulion peak.


If you haven't been to Juraparc yet then this is the time. Lots of cute baby animals to see, amongst them are the adorable 3 bear cubs that were born in January! 

There is restaurant on the premises as well, boasting typical fare as well as bison specialties.


The tour is completed by various didactic information on the species presented.

Dogs are not allowed to visit Juraparc.


The park is open from 9h until dusk. Price: Fr. 6.-/adult, Fr. 4.50/age 6-16. Guided tours available upon prior reservation for a fee.



Chalet-Restaurant du Mt d'Orzeires

1342 Le Pont-Vallorbe

021 843 17 35