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geneva cultural trails

The official website of the City of Geneva has updated the English pages of its cultural section with a series of heritage trails that take in local museums and landmarks.

Ideal for both local residents and visiting tourists, the trails are published with printable illustrated maps and audio commentaries, which include special interviews with representatives from the museums.  The maps include a wealth of useful information on nearby restaurants, toilets, Wi Fi hotspots and transport, and can be followed on foot or bicycle. There is an audio commentary for each of the main attractions featured on the Cultural Trails, which can be downloaded free of charge via the website or via the iTunes store before you set out on your walk.

At the time of writing there are currently 4 Cultural Trails available on the website, covering separate districts within Geneva. Each of these has its own unique range of attractions ranging from museums and monuments through to public works of art and interesting historical anecdotes! These are:

Trail 1, Nations:
Conservatory and Botanical Gardens – Museum of Swiss People in the World – International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum – Ariana Museum – The League of Nations Museum – History of Science Museum

Trail 2, Tranchées:
Museum of Art and History – Cabinet d’arts graphiques (prints and drawings) – Baur Foundation, the Museum of Far Eastern Art – Natural History Museum

Trail 3, Plainpalais:
Geneva Library - Rath Museum - Museum of the Fire and Rescue Service - The BAC (MAMCO; CAC; CPEG; FMAC) - Patek Philippe Museum - MEG-Museum of Ethnography Geneva

Trail 4, Old Town:
St. Peter’s Cathedral – International Museum of the Reformation – Maison Tavel – The Hôtel de Ville and public authorities -

For more information on each of the trails visit the website:

geneva cultural trails 2

Update, 3 July 2017: Details of a Botanic Cultural Trail have also been added to the French pages of the Cultural Trails section. You can find more information and a brochure on the walk, which passes from the Old Town, through parks and gardens, at this link: http://www.ville-geneve.ch/faire-geneve/promenades/sentiers-culturels/sentier-botanique/