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It could be another hot summer so we thought that a few local outdoor swimming pools will keep you cool over the holidays if you remain in the area. Remember to call ahead to check if these outdoor pools are open when the weather is threatening. If you are a resident of the commune where the pool is located you may be eligible for a special discount. Check with the pools or the websites directly. Of course, take advantage of the lake and local beaches. Real-time quality of beaches in the canton of Vaud at this link and Geneva at this link. It is not recommended to swim in the Geneva canton riviers. ©Excerpt from Know-it-all passport® so This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us if you would like to replicate this list. All dates and prices are correct at the time of this article. Scroll down to see a selection in Vaud and neighboring France.

Outdoor Swimming Pools in Canton Geneva

NEW La Plage Publique des Eaux-Vives
022 546 76 00
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Just opened, this beach is twice as big as that of the Bains des Pâquis. This new public beach is located in the heart of Geneva and accessible to all. The swimming site is about 400m goes right up to the Baby Beach and can accommodate 6,000 to 8,000 people on beautiful summer days! Take advantage of the excellent quality of Lake Geneva's waters following the many efforts made to clean it over recent years.
The beach is not made of sand but rather small pebbles so no need for shovels and pails. Shower stalls and toilets are onsite. A drink stand will be open all summer.

Bains des Paquis
30, quai du Mont-Blanc
1201 Genève
022 732 29 74 main
022 738 16 16 restaurant
This lake beach offers a life guard, warm showers, changing rooms, toilets, and towel rentals. Hammams are open over the summer Fr. 10.- includes towel rental. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Usually open during summer daily 9h-21h30 and Sunday 8h-21h30. However the beach is accessible 24h/7. There are 2 sandpits for toddlers and kids as well as 2 wading areas (50cm deep) and 2 cordoned-off areas for swimmers. The beach is divided up into two areas: mixed or women only. Price: Fr. 2.-/adult, Fr. 1.-/child. The Restaurant Buvette des Bains is open year-round 7h-23h.

Centre Sportif de Cointrin
35, ch. des Ailes
1216 Cointrin
022 798 72 98
One large pool (25m), one medium pool, and a kids’ pool. Ping-pong table, playground, buvette. Price: Fr. 4.-/adult, Fr. 2.-/age 6-15. During summer open 11h-20h.

Piscine de la Fontenette
53, rte de Veyrier
1227 Carouge
022 343 25 20 pool
022 343 44 10 buvette
Olympic pool, shallow pool, wading pool, enormous 100m long spiral slide into large pool. Diving from 1m and 3m. Ping-pong, tennis, play area, boules, volleyball and basketball. Towel and loungers for rent. Restaurant and shop. Aquagym classes included in entrance fee. Open Monday and Thursday 7h-20h, Tuesday 11h-20h, Wednesday Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9h-20h. Price: Fr. 6.-/adult, Fr. 3.-/age 6+.

Genève-Plage & Bain Bleu
Port Noir
1223 Cologny
022 736 24 82
website Genève Plage
Bain Bleu
Heated Olympic pool, shallow pool, wading pool, beach with lake swimming. Long, twisty slide into pool. Diving from 1m, 3m, 5m, and 10m into lake. Lots of grassy areas and games. Towel and loungers for rent. Restaurant and shop. Open daily 9h30-20h, from 9h on weekends and holidays. Price: Fr. 7.-/adult, Fr. 3.50/age 6-15.

Bain Bleu Hammam & Spa is open from 9h-21h30 offering over 3,000m2 dedicated to wellness and relaxation, jacuzzis, whirlpools, massage jets, bubble loungers; all overlooking the lake and mountains. Restaurant and lounge on premises. Price: Fr. 29.-/adult, Fr. 15.-/age 6-15, with Genève-Plage entrance Fr. 4.- supplemental price.

Piscine du Lignon
30, rte du Bois-des Frères
1219 Le Lignon
022 796 62 96
022 796 11 13 restaurant
Swimmers’ pool, divers’ pool, wading pool. Big inflatable slide during the summer. Play area, large grassy area, mini-golf, and restaurant. Open during the summer Monday 11h-20h, Tuesday to Sunday 9h30-20h. Price: Fr. 6.-/adult, Fr. 3.-/age 6-17.

Piscine de Marignac
30, av. Eugène-Lance
1212 Grand-Lancy
022 794 22 11
Wading pool 35cm deep, non-swimmers’ pool 40-135cm deep, divers’ pool 4,60m deep, and Olympic pool 2,3m deep and 50m long. During the summer open Monday 10h-20h, Tuesday to Sunday 9h30-20h. Price: Fr. 5.-/adult, Fr. 2.-/age 5-18.

Piscine de Thonex
8, ch. de Marcelly
1226 Thônex
022 348 72 50
Swimmers’ pool and wading pool. Outdoor pool open during the summer Monday 12h30-20h, Tuesday to Friday 8h30-20h, Weekends 9h-20h. Price: Fr. 5.-/adult, Fr. 3.-/age 5-15.

Piscine de Varem
46, av. Giuseppe-Motta
1202 Genève
022 733 12 14
022 734 26 76 restaurant
Swimmers’ pool and wading pool. Giant chess game and ping-pong. Note: Special outdoor pool games for the kids every Saturday from 14h-16h and Sunday from 10h-12h when the 25m pool is reserved for this activity. Price: Fr. 6.-/adult, Fr. 3.-/age 6-25. During the summer open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 7h-20h, Tuesday 12h-20h, Saturday 7h-19h, Sunday 9h-19h.

Piscine des Vergers
Centre Sportif de Meyrin
7-9, av. Louis Rendu
1217 Meyrin
022 782 13 00
022 782 16 90 buvette Le TouCan
Wide wading pool, very long slide, a swimmers’ pool (50m), and a shallow pool. Mini-golf and ping-pong available. Summer open daily 10h-20h. Price: Fr. 6.-/adult, Fr. 2.50/age 6-17.

Piscine des Vernets
Centre Sportif des Vernets
4-6, rue Hans-Wilsdorf
1227 Acacias
022 418 40 00
Outdoor diving pool and wading pool with fountain in summer. Note: Special outdoor pool games for the kids every Saturday from 16h-19h and Sunday from 9h30-12h when the 25m pool is reserved for this activity. During the summer open Monday 12h-18h, Tuesday to Friday 7h-20h, Saturday 7-19h, Sunday 9h-19h. Price: Fr. 6.-/adult, Fr. 3.-/age 6-25.

Piscine de Versoix
Centre Sportif de la Bécassière
201, rte. de l’Etraz
1290 Versoix
022 775 66 70 pool
022 755 20 60 restaurant
Three outdoor pools (swimmers’, shallow, and wading) and a slide. Restaurant serving hot foods open daily, buvette near the pool. Price: Fr. 5.-/adult, Fr. 3.-/age 5+, Fr. 2.-/everyone from 17h30. Note: Tuesday morning shut for cleaning. Summer opening hours: Monday 10h30-20h, Tuesday 12h-20h, Wednesday 9h30-20h, Thursday 10h30-20h, Friday 10h30-20h30, weekends 9h30-20h.

Yatouland Aquatic Park
Vernier Stadium
Rte de Nant d'Avril
022 341 40 08
This is not a pool but as it is a temporary address we thought we would include this in the article. From 3 July through 25 August (only Wednesday to Sunday 11h-18h), Yatouland will be hosting a temporary 2,000m2 water park with water castles, waterslides, giant trampoline, water games, family games, laser games suitable for age 3-13. Food trucks and a shaded terrace will make the outing an event! In case of rain, the normal fun park nearby will be open. Price: Fr. 15.-/child with up to 2 adults for free.

swimlake1 copy

Outdoor Swimming Pools in Vaud

BICI Entertainment SA
Rte de la Plage 122
1897 Le Bouveret, Valais
024 482 00 00
A water amusement park in a heated environment. In the summer there is an outdoor space equipped with a splashy playground and access to the lake beachfront. Price: Fr. 47.-/full day adult, Fr. 37.-/age 5-15, discounted tickets if bought in 6 days in advance online for Fr. 37.-/ adult and Fr. 29.-/child. Also 4-hour tickets available too. Summer hours are daily 10h30-20h except first and last week of summer holidays closes at 19h.

Av. du Censuy 36
1020 Renens
021 632 73 52
Outdoor, heated Olympic pool, divers’ pool (1m, 5m, and 10m), wading pool, super free slides (one is 4m wide for families to go down together and another is 100m long). Giant slides starting at a height of 15m (choice of 5 different types, length, and difficulty) cost an extra Fr. 5.-/6 descents. Trampolines for rent, badminton, volleyball, football, and ping-pong. Restaurant on premises. They also boast a 7m climbing wall, waves, river with current, slides. Open in summer daily 9h30-20h. Price, cash only: Fr. 8.-/adult, Fr. 4.-/age 6+. Note: Take your own lock for the lockers.

Av. de Rhodanie 23
1007 Lausanne
021 315 48 60
Olympic pool, shallow pool, wading pool, divers’ pool, beach. Cafeteria and shop. Ping-pong, tennis, football, beach volley, and basketball. Direct access to the lake and beach. Open during summer 9h30-20h. Fr. 6.-/adult, Fr. 3.-/child. Note: Offers aquacycling course and in the summer a free aquagym class.

Piscine de Colovray de Nyon
12, ch. de la Piscine, Rte Suisse
1260 Nyon
022 361 67 71
Olympic pool, wading pool, beach, lake swimming. Playground, ping-pong, beach volleyball, restaurant. Locks and dressing rooms for rent. Summer open 9h-20h30. Price: Fr. 7.-/ adult, Fr. 3.-/age 6+.

Piscine du Parc de Morges
Promenade Général-Guisan
Av. Warnery
1110 Morges
021 801 45 23
Swimmers’ pool, shallow pool, wading pool, access to the lake. Suitable for all ages with lots of children’s activities. Fr. 5.-/adult, Fr. 3.-/child. Summer open daily 9h-20h except first and last week of the summer holidays closes at 19h.

Piscine de la Fleur-de-Lys (Prilly)
Sentier de la Fleur-de-Lys 2
1008 Prilly
021 625 15 66
This complex boasts 4 pools and a wading pool, giant slide. Restaurant. Summer hours daily 9h30-19h. Price: Fr. 6.-/adult, Fr. 3.-/age 6+.

Piscine Montchoisi
Av. A.-M. Servan 30
1006 Lausanne
021 315 49 62
021 616 10 64 restaurant
Heated pool. Wave-machine. Ping-pong, lounge chairs and parasols for rent. Swim school for children age 5+. Summer hours Monday to Saturday 9h-20h30, Sunday and holidays 9h-18h30. Cafeteria/restaurant open 7/7 9h-24h. Price: Fr. 6.-/adult, Fr. 3.-/age 6+.

Piscine de Pully-Plage
Ch. des Bains 4
1009 Pully
021 728 33 20
Pool, wading pool with slide, beach volley, ping-pong. Fr. 6.-/adult, Fr. 3.-/child. Open during summer 9h-20h30.

swim2 copy

Outdoor Swimming Pools France

Centre Nautique Divonne-les-Bains
282, av. des Alpes
0033/450 20 03 81
Heated pool, wading pool, shallow pool, diving pool. Water slide, volleyball court, ping-pong tables, chess board, restaurant. Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10h-20h; Thursday, Friday 10h-21h, Saturday 9h-21h, Sunday 9h-20h. Price: €6/adult, €4/age 4+.

500, rte des Envignes
74160 Neydens
0033/450 84 66 66
New generation water complex. A summer section consists of pools and slides set amongst lawns and greenery in a sheltered courtyard; all the indoor pools are also available. There are many other shops, restaurant, activities, and playgrounds in the center. Pool open daily during summer weekdays 10h-20h30, weekends 10h-20h. Price: €22.-/adult for 4 hours or €26 for full day; €15/child 6+ for 4 hours or €19.- for a full day.