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Foret Bleue Portrait

A new brand of handmade, natural cosmetics has been launched in Geneva.

Highly concentrated in active ingredients, the Forêt Bleue product range favors organic, eco-responsible and food-grade raw materials, which are free from mineral oils, synthetic texture agents and preservatives.

Asked how she got into the business of making natural cosmetics, Forêt Bleue President and founder, Emmanelle Engeli, told knowitall.ch,

"Realizing the ecological impact of conventional cosmetics and dissatisfied with most organic labels, I started a few years ago to make my own products. What was originally a hobby naturally evolved into a desire to get professionally trained and share my discoveries. By the Summer of 2017, Forêt Bleue was born: a brand of affordable, handmade, natural cosmetics that are healthy, effective, and made with respect for the environment.”

Foret Bleue Knowitall 2

Explaining the difference between her new cosmetic range and other natural cosmetics on the market, Emmanuelle told knowitall.ch,

“What makes us special is that we bring in-depth thinking and research to every ingredient choice, going beyond the current marketing trends of natural cosmetics. This means that we do not chose ingredients based on their current popularity, but based on our principles and values. Whilst we recognize the many benefits of essential oils, for example, we don’t use them in our products because we can’t justify exhausting so many precious natural resources for the sake of adding a fragrance.”

Why natural products?

The argument for buying natural cosmetics is now well established as research increasingly shows the adverse effects of controversial ingredients which are potentially carcinogenic, and may cause hormonal imbalances as well as allergies.  More and more customers are now reading the labels on their purchases and saying no to ingredients like  BHT/BHA, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, methylisothiazolinone, sodium laureth/lauryl sulfates and phenoxyethanol.

Foret Bleue Visage

But health is not the only reason why people are choosing natural products.  Non-biodegradable, synthetic products have long been known to have an adverse effect on the environment, so Forét Bleue products steer well clear of mineral oils derived from petrochemicals, silicones, EDTA, polyethylene and polypropylene.

Wide range of cosmetics

The Forêt Bleue cosmetics range includes products for the face, body and lips, as well as a wide selection of liquid and solid soaps, and solid shampoo. There are also products created especially for mothers and their babies, and a special box set, which makes an ideal present for those who prefer to use natural, eco-friendly products.

A quick glance at the Forêt Bleue website reveals the extensive choice of “flavors” within each product range, so you can be sure to find a product that matches your own special needs. For example, in the solid soap range you have: savon exfoliant café; savon charbon; savon chèvrefeuille; savon abricot, savon sel marin; savon lilas; and savon mimosa.

foret bleue savon abricot

When you click on a product you can view its unique properties, and read down the principal active ingredients to see its specific health benefits.   

Marketed locally in Geneva

All Forét Bleue products are handmade in Geneva by Emmanuelle and her team.  To appreciate the true characteristics of each product, you really need to see, feel and “savor” them for yourself at either of the two local outlets where they are sold:

rue Saint-Joseph 7
022 301 72 59

Foound 1

rue Jean-Gutenberg 2
079 915 08 31

However, if you really don’t have the time to visit either of these shops, you can buy all products online via the Forêt Bleue website.  Whilst you obviously won’t get the same feel for the products when viewed via a screen, the marble-like textures and vibrant colors are enough to get your senses tingling  - we defy you to look at the savon abricot without experiencing the full flavour of apricot!

discount button150newSpecial discount for knowitall.ch readers

To encourage more people to try her cosmetics, Emmanuelle is offering knowitall.ch readers a special 10% discount on all Forêt Bleue cosmetics purchased via her website before the end of May 2018. Just enter the code KNOWITALL when you check out your products online. Thank you, Emmanuelle!  Deliveries can only be made within Switzerland and are free for orders over Fr. 95.-.

Forêt Bleue
Emmanuelle Engeli
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