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Knowitall.ch guest blogger and Vevey-area resident, Micaela Crespo is radioactively excited to announce the launch of the Marie Curie Alumni Association’s illustrated series, My Super Science Heroes, for kids aged 5–8 years.

My Super Science Heroes is an exciting new picture book series that depicts science as it really is: an epic adventure complete with heroes, villains, and amazing super powers.

The first book, Marie Curie and the Power of Persistence, uses a novel storytelling approach to bring this historical figure to life for readers both young and old. Written and illustrated as a dynamic superhero story, this book introduces children to important scientists and their key accomplishments in a fun and engaging way.


Marie Curie Spiral Book Mockup 1

Micaela is running an all-or-nothing crowdfunding campaign at https://igg.me/at/marie-curie, which means that if she doesn’t hit the 15’000 EUR target needed to make this project a reality, it won’t see the day of light!  The pledges received will be used to cover the illustration and writing, as well as printing and shipping of the books. She is hoping that with the help and enthusiasm of the public, it can be propelled to the next level and get it in front of as many people as possible.

Inside the campaign, you’ll be able to choose many different offers to suit your own little super science hero from an ebook version, to the hardcover physical copy of the book as well as colouring pages, an experiment package and super limited edition mugs and notebooks (50 available and many are already gone!). An early bird price is also available, but at the time of writing there are only a few of those left.

Marie Curie Mug

Marie Curie represents a strong-willed role model for both girls and boys as the first person to ever win two Nobel Prizes. The story demystifies her complex discoveries using language that early readers can understand. You don't need to be a swashbuckling, Kung Fu fighting, cape-wearing champion (although some heroes do have a penchant for lab coats) to be extraordinary. You just need to nurture the super powers inherent in all of us.

Help Micaela bring science to life for our youngest readers by backing this project on Indiegogo. Pre-order your copy today!

Marie Curie cover200My Super Science Heroes
Marie Curie and the Power of Persistence
Crowd funding campaign: https://igg.me/at/marie-curie

Micaela Crespo
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