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One more box = one more happy child

The Gift Box Project needs your help more than ever before; with the situation in the countries we help the boxes are more Humanitarian Aid than just a Gift Box. In 2019, 3,051 boxes were collected and donated to needy children.

The children receiving Gift Boxes are suffering in some of the worse conditions ever, not helped by the Coronavirus, making it particularly difficult for everyone. Their parents are unable to do very much as many have lost their jobs and others suffering from the virus or quarantine, lack of help and medical attention, no money and short of food, no schooling and no computers for online teaching, to name just a few of their problems. Life is difficult for them no matter how hard they try or how caring they are. 

Thank goodness the trucks are still able to transport the gift boxes and the mission's local staff are still willing to take the risk in distributing the boxes to those in need in each country. Please help and try to bring a little happiness and joy to the children who are suffering so much.

The website has been updated since last year; there are helpful videos and more useful information. The many different ways you can donate to the Gift Box Project if you are unable to make a box has been added.

Boxes accepted from 29 October until 16 November (last day); the truck will be collecting on 17 November. The drop off points will be on the website soon.

We very much hope you will all be taking part in the collection as your boxes are so needed, it is very important we try to help these children with a Gift Box of hope and love.


The Gift Boxes include items our children would probably not appreciate, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap and school supplies but to these children they are all very important items that make their lives a little easier. Needless to say the children especially enjoy the sweets and toys!

Do you want to help? Then please make a Gift Box so even more needy children can have a surprise.

Wine cartons are strong and the right size just perfect for a gift box, please do gift wrap and then attach the customs list. A reusable bag attached helps the children carry their box home.
School bags/backpacks can be used instead of a wine box.

These important necessities are needed in your Gift Box

School Supplies
• 4 pens and 4 HB pencils
• 1 pack of 12 colored pencils or felt tip pens
• eraser and pencil sharpener
• 2 school writing books min 50 pages each
• drawing paper (printer paper will do)

• 1 or 2 toothbrushes in original packaging
• A tube of toothpaste
• soap (wrapped in tin foil)
• shampoo or shower gel (taped lid closed)

Chocolate, Sweets, and Biscuits (sell by date on or after April 2021)
• 2 x 100gms bars of chocolate
• 250gms sweets (mints, etc. wrapped in tin foil)
• 1 box of biscuits or numerous small packs
• possible addition, dried fruits (no nuts)

Toys for boys and girls (NO toys with batteries, war toys or ones with instructions)
• 3 or 4 new or used toys (excellent condition) and a soft toy
• Ideas: bubbles, Lego, dominoes, dolls, cars, puzzles, skipping rope, balls, jigsaws etc.

Clothing optional, only these items allowed
• hats, gloves, caps, scarves, new socks
• all other items new or gently used

Ideas if you have space left
• ruler, geometry set, calculator, comb, brush
• chess set, other toiletries, extra toys, etc.

giftbox line

Contact for more information:


Tyrrian Livesley: +41 22 776 51 16
Carolin Kober: +41 78 637 50 20
Jo Colehan: +41 79 132 11 86
Sandra Holtom: +41 79 386 13 20

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Drop off dates between 29 October and 16 November, see site for drop places.
Nothing can be accepted after these dates.

maria 12 2019