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The GET FIT Winter Program (which we reviewed on knowitall.ch earlier in the year) will be closed for the festive season. However the program will resume on the 10th of January.

If you are unfamiliar with GET FIT, the organization runs group sessions during the course of the year in which the GET FIT team learn the ”Art of Running" and its positive impact on the body’s physical state. Participating runners train for 5k,10k, half marathons, or marathons - or simply learn to run and get into the best physical shape. The objective is to maximize the body's physical potential!

According to GET FIT trainer, Leigh Anne Boonzaier, you don't have to be a professional runner or have a background in sports to join in. You just have to have two legs, a healthy body and a great attitude! And if you don't have a healthy body...GET FIT will get you there!  This is not a diet plan or a quick weight loss scheme, but more a healthy way of life with a great group of ladies!

Below you will find a few of the "hot" events that will be in the GET FIT calendar:

20 March Tour de Presinge (10k). For more information, visit: http://www.tourpresinge.ch/

March (date not known yet) Vandouves Run  (7.5 K)
15 May Geneva Half Marathon - The Geneva half marathon and marathon course will change for 2011 and take place in the country side. (THis is "home turf" for GET FIT ladies - a big advantage!)
15 May Geneva marathon
15 May Geneva half marathon relay.  This is an opportunity to share the Geneva half marathon with 3 GET FIT ladies - 7.5km per leg

For more information, contact Leigh Anne Boonzaier by Mobile: 0794667095 or by Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gingins Cricket Club is organising its annual cricket camp this summer for boys and girls aged 6+.  The Camp will be held from Sunday Aug 15th to Tuesday Aug 17th at the Gingins Centre Sportif.

The Geneva International Netball association is looking for new members and invites you to try out your netball skills at their weekly training sessions held each Tuesday evening at an indoor court located at the Contamines Primaire on Rue Michel Chauvat from 20.00 to 22.00.  The group includes women of all fitness levels who meet to have fun and take part in regular tournaments and social evenings.  Their next tournament will take place at the International School in Lausanne on May 8th.  

Running fitness coach, Leigh Anne Boonzaier, is offering expats the chance to learn the "art of running".  She has designed a program targeted at men and women who either want to lose weight or simply want to "get fit".  Her clients range from post-pregnancy mums, to leisure runners and those wishing to train for a half marathon or 10km run.

Since 2005, every swimming establishment in the Lausanne region has accepted subscriptions issued by the four partner communes. This means that every subscription holder has the option of visiting not only the swimming pools in Lausanne, but also the outdoor and indoor pools in the communes of Prilly, Pully and Renens. This offer is valid in the following swimming establishments: