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A local mother, Marine Sinclair, saw a need for a children's museum in the Geneva area. With the grand opening looming, knowitall.ch thought an article would drum up just the right amount of interest.

Accessible for children as young as age 3, this new museum with an unprecedented concept in the region, will offer two exhibition spaces dedicated to scientific and digital fields, as well as environmental awareness.
Their motto? Forbidden not to touch!

A museum to make the world of science accessible to all
The Exploracentre intends to meet the expectations of the inhabitants of the region by offering the first museum of playful and interactive learning dedicated to children. The idea is to propose a new offer to the Lake Geneva area of creative, innovative, and technical activities for the whole family, and thus easily relay scientific, digital, and environmental concepts.

A new exhibition and workshop space in the heart of Geneva
After several months of preparation and work, the Exploracentre is preparing to receive the explorers of all ages in the heart of the Bains neighborhood in Geneva. With a space of more than 400m2 spread over two floors, the museum offers about thirty interactive experiments. While the first level hosts a renewed thematic exhibition each year, the second offers independent evolving experiments each month. In addition, three rooms are dedicated to workshops, to school groups, to leisure centers, and to the organization of birthday parties.


A team to accompany scientific exploration
During the workshops, a team is present to accompany and guide the visitors in their experiments and in their results. Experienced in pedagogical animation, qualified in the scientific fields, and specially-trained for Exploracentre, the team adapts themselves to the age of each explorer to stimulate their curiosity.

A scientific partnership of choice
Created in partnership with the Exploradôme Museum, the Exploracentre offers children in the Geneva area access to interactive thematic exhibitions and workshops that have wowed 130,000 young visitors at the Exploradôme. The interactive displays are designed and carried out by the scientists of the APIS Network (prototyping workshop for scientific investigation) and then tested at Exploradôme. A selection has been chosen by the Exploracentre to visitors in Geneva.

VisuelExploracentre 3

A first exhibition: "Science is a circus!"
Balancing, acrobatics, juggling, equestrian arts and clowning, the greatest circus acts deliver their scientific secrets in the aisles of the exhibition "Science makes its circus". At the Exploracentre, no limits to your imagination: young and old are invited to experiment, to test, and to manipulate, to discover the physical laws that lurk under the marquee of the circus. This project incites visitors to learn by having fun.

Workshops: deepening learning with fun
The Exploracentre offers various workshops to explore in a playful and interactive way its main themes. The workshop "in Equilibrium", for example, explains how physics and biology hide behind the phenomenon of equilibrium, and is in direct connection with the theme of the first exhibition of the Exploracentre. Several other workshops, such as "DJ-Explo" where visitors are invited to create music using a computer, offer children the ability to familiarize themselves with computer tools, and develop their skills in this field. For more information, a complete list of workshops is found on the website.

Practical information
Grand opening on Saturday, 10 November 2018
33, rue des Bains
1205 Genève

Wednesday: 10h-18h
Thursday and Friday: 13h30-16h30
Saturday: 10h-18h
Sunday: 13h-18h

Price: Fr.15.-/adult
Fr. 10.-/child