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pre giroud outside

Have you heard the myths about the secret underground Swiss military tunnels? Well, they’re true! Come and visit this little farmhouse and get taken underground. Carved out of rock, this fort, was built between 1937-1941. Their mission was to protect the passage of the Col de Jougne from any foreign army and support the defense of the French-Swiss border during World War II.

In 1945, the artillery fort, which was carved into the rock, housed 200 men. It consists of six blockhouses, connected by a network of galleries with stocks of ammunition, a machine room and barracks.

The life of the fort has been reconstructed using dummies. The temperature is a constant 8°C so make sure to dress appropriately.

Museum and exhibition

  • An exhibition which recounts real events through the customs of Vallorbe 39-45 (photos, plans, mannequins, banners, weapons)
  • The refectory has been converted into a museum with various weapons and infantry items provided to the men who were responsible for the external defense of the fortress (diorama)
  • The dormitories of the non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and kitchen helpers are still totally equipped, with arms, uniforms and all accessories
  • Rooms for officers and senior NCOs
  • The officers mess, decorated with wood by the soldiers of the garrison
  • The telephone center, connecting the fort with all the troops in the sector
  • The company office
  • The sanitary block (operating room, dentist, infirmary) where a physician-surgeon officer is ready for any intervention
  • Sound and light reconstruction of shooting parts (gun and submachine gun)

pregiroudinsideBuffet campagnard au Fort de Pré-Giroud
August 18 from 10h-16h: Not only will a visit be a great idea for you this summer but take advantage of their buffet lunch on Sunday, as well. In addition to the food, there will be cannons, cor des Alpes and entertainment.

Brisolée au Fort de Pré-Giroud
13 October from 10h-16h: Visit of the fort with brisolée (roasted chestnuts) accompanied by a raclette and sausages of the region. Cannons will be fired and other entertainment will be organized. Prior reservations required.

Note: Picnic spots and a barbecue (for grilling) are provided in front and at the entrance of the fort. At the kiosk: hot and cold beverages, wine, confectionery, postcards, brochures, pennants, glasses, military equipment (and more).

Hours and tours
Saturday May 18 to Friday July 5, 2019
open Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
departure at 10h30, 13h, 15h

Saturday July 6 to Sunday August 25, 2019
open from Wednesday to Sunday
departure at 10h30, 13h, 15h

Monday August 26 to Sunday October 20, 2019 inclusive
open Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
departure at 10h30, 13h, 15h

Price for entry and tour:
Fr. 15.-/adult
Fr. 7.-/age 6-16

Price for entry, tour, and buffet brunch (on special dates with prior reservation):
Fr. 42.-/adult
Fr. 18.-/age 6-16.

1337 Vallorbe
079 622 52 40 Tours
021 843 25 83 Tourist office
021 843 25 83 Association