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To give you an idea of some of the spectacular places you can visit in this region, we will feature each month a photo of one of its many great locations.  Since we rely on recommendations, please send us your special photo taken, for example, on a memorable day out at a water park or from a remarkable viewpoint in the area.

La Jonction

Above La Jonction, Geneva

Accessed by the Bois de la Bâtie, you will enjoy seeing the mingling waters from the Rhône and the Arve rivers from the railroad bridge. On one side of the bridge you will find another park, smaller, but with picnic tables and shady trees as well.

Directions for a walk:

Pass under the Pont de Sous-Terre, to the terminus of mouette line #6, which offers tourists a scenic 2½ hour trip down the Rhône. On the opposite side is a veritable cliff, which also has many pleasant trails along the bank. There are many benches where you can watch the river flow by, shaded by grand old trees. You will see a few row boats tied up here, the river becoming open to the public from this point on.

On your left are massive barns and in front you can see a very high bridge for trains (and pedestrians). 

Another 300m or so and you will reach the junction of the Rhône and Arve rivers. You will notice that the Rhône (which is clear blue) is much swifter, and pushes into the Arve (muddy brown) with enough force to cause tiny whirlpools, above which alert ducks hover hoping to catch fish caught in the swirls.

Beyond the railroad bridge is a scene devoid of any trappings of civilization, more or less as it must have been eons ago. But now go back along the Arve side. Pass in front of the Canoe Club to find a path along the bank, this side is less developed, so be careful with youngsters, because there is no guard rail.

You will now come to a small wall requiring a bit (but just a bit) of climbing, then a pedestrian bridge across the Arve to the Bois de la Bâtie. Go up to the bridge along a tiny dirt path, and then - great for the youngsters - a few rungs to climb to reach the wooden deck of the bridge. In the middle, you will most always see a few fishermen. 

Once across, take the little-traveled road into the park. You will need to climb quite a few steps and ramps to reach the more developed part of the park. Don’t be surprised if you feel short of breath by the time you’re half way up! When you come to a path crossing yours, veer to the right. But just when you think you can’t take another step, the oasis of the Café-Restaurant de la Tour comes in sight. 

There’s much more to do and see in the park of course, but now you can sit down in the sunshine for a well-deserved rest - and a cool drink!

Details supplied by Herb Ohlman.