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new whattodo iconKnow-it-all's WHAT TO DO in the area. LISA’S PICKS OF THE WEEK (8-14 April 2019). More events are listed on the website www.knowitall.ch under our CALENDARS. Please give credit to ©Know-it-all passport® for putting this info together if you forward it or use it in a newsletter of any kind. Thank you.

💆🏻‍♀️ Thanks to our sponsor in the middle of this page: Above the Sky - Open House 10-11-12 April in Nyon. Free spa tester sessions, discounts, jazz music, and prize drawing!

13-28 April 2019
Sign-ups for PâKOMUZé (Pâques au musée) are open. Numerous activities for families and their children, some of which are free, will be held at 39 different museums throughout Vaud during the Easter holidays. Click here for more information.

Open Tuesday to Sunday until 20 October 2019 (open exceptionally Easter Monday)
Prangins, VD
"Show me what you eat, I will tell you who you are": behind the burning adage of news at the time of social networks, immortalising his dish of the day in the light of all has moved into a real phenomenon of society. As a result of the infinite flow of information, traceability, seasonality of food and the working conditions of those who participate in the food chain are now criteria of choice, making food a standard social, political and economic. Click here to read our article.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019
Soan and Sons is quite simply a Variety Show for the Modern times, fast paced and jam packed full of Dysfunctional Characters, Visual Oddities, Jokes, Magic, Quick Change and attempts at Dance. Turning life’s banalities into Surrealist splendour and finding laughter in the most secretive of places. Click here for more information.

Our free “Know-it-all's WHAT TO DO in the area” is kindly sponsored this week by: Above the Sky - Open House 10-11-12 April in Nyon. Free spa tester sessions, discounts, jazz music, and prize drawing!

AbovetheSky Open House 10 11 12 April Nyon

The following tree-top adventures open for the season this Saturday, 13 April 2019

** Onex-Evaux, GE
Balance, ability, and coordination are requested to go through the wooden footbridges, cables or even the flying snowboard. The continuous safety line system ensures you a secure activity. Try out the 8 different tree-top paths from age 7 to adult and 3 mini paths for age 3-6. There are also 3 parallel giant zip lines crossing the park. Click here for more information.

** Signal de Bougy, VD
Choose one of the 16 courses (with 5 for children aged 4-7), depending on your mood and your head for heights (up to 22m above ground). Climb Escal’arbre tree, free fall with the Quick Jump, or just glide along the Tyro Express - a course made entirely of zip wires. Click here for more information.

** Aigle, VD
Take a deep breath and head into the woods. You’ll find fun challenges that range from easy to fiendish. Follow the rhythm of your heartbeat. Test your skills on the 11 courses and various attractions (Big Tyro, Quick Jump, Tyro Jump, Escal’arbre) for all ages. Click here for more information.

Wednesday 10 April 2019
13h30-18h30 (networking apéro to follow)
Bellevue, GE
India is becoming the fast-growing economy with several attractive perspectives including vivid IT and pharmaceutical industries, and a massive talented work-force. How does India stack up in the global R&D competition? How does one find the right Indian partner? What are the recruitment advantages in India? Where are the markets? What are the legal challenges faced by companies doing business in India? Click here for more information.