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Health coach, Hiba Giacoletto, offers knowitall.ch clients an exclusive 25% off all programs until end March 2014

Some of you will recognize the name of Hiba Giacoletto as the new guest blogger in our food section. Since November last year she has been sending us various tips for recipes that are not only deliciously tasty, but healthy too!

However, Hiba is more than just a nutrionist – she runs her own health coaching business, Healthwise, helping clients to trust their body’s intuition so that they can make food and lifestyle choices that will enable them to look and feel their best without diets or deprivation.  Recognizing that no single way of eating or living works for everyone, she uses her own unique blend of nutrition, psychology and coaching, to help people find solutions for losing weight, or simply feeling more energetic, in a way that work for them as individuals.

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As a qualified Health Coach with a Masters Degree in Psychology, Hiba certainly has plenty of formal training in health coaching. However, her real passion for healthy eating and living first arose when she discovered she had a genetic kidney disease 5 years ago. She told knowitall.ch,

“I started making changes to my then not-so-healthy-lifestyle one by one and ended up feeling better than I have ever felt and really taking pleasure in this new way of eating and living.  Through this experience and my studies in both nutrition and psychology, I am convinced that, regardless of what someone might have tried in the past, I can help them get ‘unstuck’, overcome self-sabotage behavior and find their mojo to make the healthy change they want!”

Healthwise was launched in April 2013 as a way for Hiba to share her passion for healthy food and living while enabling people to find the unique formula that will help them make the healthy change they want in their lives.  In addition to providing one-on-one consultancy services, she offers three main programs that run regularly throughout the year, and which can be followed either on Skype or at different locations in Geneva and Nyon. These include:

1. The “I want to squeeze healthy into my busy life” program (4 sessions)
2. The “Screw dieting - but I still want to lose weight” program (6-8 sessions)
3. The “I want to take control of my emotional eating” program (6 sessions)

discount-button150newNormally priced at Fr. 120.- per session, Hiba is generously offering knowitall.ch clients the opportunity to book any of her programs at the specially reduced price of Fr. 90.- per session (i.e. 25% off) until end March 2014.  

Since there are many health coaching businesses now springing up in and around Geneva, we asked Hiba why people should consider hers above all others. She told us, “I take into account all the aspects of people's life that influences their health and well-being, not just the food. Instead of focusing on calorie counting and restricting certain foods, I introduce my clients to delicious, healthy foods that 'crowd out' less healthy food and actually change their taste buds - all done in a pleasurable way that takes into account each person's unique bio-individuality. I believe in making small, pleasurable changes as the only way to make change."

She continued, “I also focus on WHEN to eat to boost metabolism as well as HOW to eat - both aspects that can make a huge difference but are often overlooked in traditional nutrition approaches.  I also work with clients on the more emotional aspects, such as loving your body into change, showing yourself compassion as a more effective way of making changes, or examining self-sabotage behavior and other blockages that may be stopping people from moving forward.  After each session, I send a written customized summary with informative handouts and action points, which have been agreed with the client to work on until the next session 10-14 days later.”

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So who would benefit most from the services offered by Hiba?  Hiba told us:

1. Expats in the Geneva area who want to learn the basics of healthy eating - which still needs to fit into their busy lifestyle.

2. People who are fed up with dieting and want to lose weight through healthy lifestyle habits and by examining the more emotional aspects related to weight loss.

3. People who eat when they are stressed or emotional and want to make peace with their relationship to food.

So if you recognize yourself in one of the above categories, why not give Hiba a call and find out more?  If you need more convincing, then take a look at her website, www.healthwise.ch, which has a great blog packed with wonderful ideas for healthy yet delicious recipes (many of which can now also be found in her guest blog on our site), and also includes a special section on inspired thinking and another on healthy living.  If you visit the Let’s Connect section of the website, you can also book a free 45-minute health chat with Hiba.  If you do make the call, don’t forget to mention where you found out about Healthwise!

Hiba Giacoletto, Health Coach
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