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If you have an ongoing project which requires a high level of English that you don’t feel confident to manage yourself, then Lanita Kwankam may be just the person to help you!

Highly qualified teacher

Having worked for 38 years as a university-qualified teacher in international schools and ESL/EFL programs, Lanita has decided to set herself up as an editor of English texts, working remotely from home. She told knowitall.ch,

“Throughout my teaching career, I have worked with students aged 3 years to adult. Along with English and ESL/EFL, I have also taught various other subjects (literature, creative writing, history, math, science, etc.), either as a classroom teacher or a tutor.”

She continued, “During my life I have lived in six countries (on four continents and two islands) and traveled extensively in between. I believe that this, plus my experience teaching at International Schools and ESL/EFL programs, has developed in me an appreciation for different cultures as well as an enjoyment of working with people from many different backgrounds.”

American International Women’s Club

For the last 16 years, Lanita has been a member of the AIWC (American International Women's Club), in particular their Writers' Workshop.  This is an international group of English-speaking women who meet monthly to share their writing for the specific purpose of editing/critiquing it in an accepting environment, thereby developing their writing skills. In this way, Lanita has honed her editing/critiquing skills while, at the same time, continuing to develop her own creative/personal writing skills.

Wide range of editing services

With services ranging from the editing of essays through to complex editing of university dissertations and more creative writing projects, Lanita is able to tackle most projects written in the English language. Her website highlights just a few of the areas where she can help you:

  • Term papers
  • Articles for publication
  • Text for oral presentations
  • Personal / creative writing

Typical customers

Asked who is most likely to benefit from her editing services, Lanita told knowitall.ch, “I would like to work with university professors and students, professionals working in the international arena of UN agencies and NGOs in Geneva, and high school students needing help with college/university application essays. Where this work can be done from home, and by using the internet for connectivity, I feel I can actually have clients from all over the world.”

For more information about Lanita and her English editing services, please visit her website, Editing in English.

Editing in English
Lanita Kwankam
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