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Friday 12 March 2021

Friday 12th March 2021, @10:00 am – On Zoom!

The IWC is delighted that Journalist Luigi Jorio will be our guest speaker.

Mr. Luigi Jorio will give a talk about “Why Melting Swiss Glaciers Affect Us All”.
The Alpine glaciers are disappearing due to global warming. They could already have disappeared by the end of the century. If they all go, the look of the Alps will change for good. The consequences will be felt not only in Switzerland’s mountains but throughout Europe. The issue of the “Melting Swiss Glaciers” is not a Swiss problem but a worldwide/global problem.

The content of the talk is composed of the following topics, such as…!

  • Some general information about glaciers.
  • The history of the Swiss glaciers.
  • The names of the Swiss glaciers and where those glaciers are situated in Switzerland.
  • What’s happening in the Alps…
  • Consequences of the Swiss glaciers melting for Switzerland and the surrounding countries.

IWC members/expatriates love to travel the world and explore their surroundings every time they have arrived in a new country, place, or city. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, members may take the opportunity to explore the beautiful Swiss countryside. The keynote of the meeting will be that members are able to visit and investigate by themselves the problem of the “Melting Swiss glaciers”!

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