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From Wednesday 22 November 2017
To Sunday 31 December 2017

bo noel lausanne 2017


The Lausanne Christmas Association has put together a new kind of Christmas market in Lausanne bringing the people of Lausanne and Vauds and tourists passing through a Christmas market, reflecting both todays desires and the charm of yesterday. The aim is to make our end of year markets more contemporary, more innovative and more attractive whilst preserving strong links with the land and artisans. Over the advent period, Bô Noël will become a window display of riches from the wine, culinary and creative heritage of our country. Bô Noël is working with local businesses and artisans to offer original gifts: wines from the region in an exclusive partnership with the Office of Vaudois Wines, products of the land, artisan and local beer, clothing and gifts made by designers from Lausanne or Romandy. Well worth a look!

In an atmosphere of celebrations and conviviality, Lausanne Bô Noël brings together the markets of Saint-François, Pépinet, Place Centrale and Les Arches. Local designers, craftspeople and producers are looking forward to welcoming you to this market where you will be immersed in an enchanting Christmas atmosphere. Take advantage of three evening sales until 22:00.

Opening hours:

Ouvert tous les jours du 22 novembreau 31 décembre 2017

Lundi 25 décembre fermé
Lundi à mercredi 11h30 — 21h30
Jeudi à samedi 11h00 — 22h30
Dimanche 13h00 — 19h00


Les 15, 20 et 22 décembre 2017
Ouvert jusqu’à 23h30

Launch date, Wednesday 22 November 2017.

* * * LANCEMENT BÔ NOËL 2017 * * *
et tous les jours jusqu'au 31 décembre

18h30 > SPECTACLE CRISTAL PALACE > place Centrale
Un lustre géant s'animera dans les airs et sous des airs musicaux

dès 18h00 > 6 places thématiques s'inaugurent dans 6 lieux de Lausanne en même temps :
* Le grand marché couvert de Saint-François
* Le marché des créateurs de Pépinet
* Le marché du terroir et de la vigne de l'Europe
* Le marché des amis de la terrasse Bel-Air
* Le Bô Quartier du Flon
* Le petit village de noël de la place Chauderon
* Le Bô Sapin Géant de la Palud
* * *
* Le Village des enfants de la Louve (seulement dès samedi 24 novembre à 13h puis tous les mercredi, samedi et dimanche)