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Tuesday 07 November 2017

If you manage people or you have the ambition to manage people one day or you are simply interested in human behaviour, this workshop is not to miss!

This thought-provoking session addresses key leadership factors for obtaining “psychological ownership” and engagement. Participants benefit from the real-life experience of a seasoned entrepreneur who has learned the hard way what it takes to have followers as well as the difference between a manager and leader.

Contrary to what some people think having followers is not about charisma, expertise or even I.Q. These certainly contribute to leadership but committed followers need more than that. They expect to be treated like human beings and not like a ‘resource’. This means that their leader actually cares about them and treats them fairly.

Our speaker, Prof Raphael H Cohen is an expert in professional agility and “weapons of mass innovation”. He has conceptualized the IpOp Model, which is presented in his book “Winning Opportunities, proven tools for converting your projects into success… without a business plan” (downloadable on www.winning-opportunities.org).

During the workshop, Prof Cohen will address the following challenges:

  • 50% of employees are willing to change jobs because they are not satisfied where they are
  • Many new employees start their job with a high level of motivation. It usually does not take too long for their motivation to significantly drop. What should it take to keep them motivated?
  • Using power and traditional authority to manage teams cannot deliver such results, particularly with Generation Y employee who want to be lead and inspired rather than being managed.What is expected of today’s and tomorrow’s leaders?
  • In a highly competitive environment where business models are being challenged and where everything moves very fast managing with systems and process prevents organizations from being agile enough to cope or even anticipate. What kind of leadership can maximize agility?
  • The event will take place on November 7, 18:30 at F-Information, Rue de la Servette 67, 1202 Geneva. To learn more about the the workshop's program and for registrations, please visit our website here: