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From Saturday 01 October 2016
To Sunday 08 January 2017


This autumn, Geneva will be hosting a giant exhibition dedicated to the world of dinosaurs. From Tyrannosaurus to Triceratops, 60 animated specimens will be coming to life at Palexpo. Displayed in actual size over a surface of 4500 sq. m, these impressive animals will move and growl to the delight of children. Dinosaur footprints will also be on show to the public, an exceptional vestige of the presence of these colossal animals in Switzerland some 150 million years ago. With the participation of the Jurassica Museum and the Geneva Museum of Natural History, the exhibition will run from 1st October 2016 to 8th January 2017. Tickets went on sale from 1st July 2016 and can be bought through the Ticketcorner network.

A giant exhibition
Dinosaurs will be in the spotlight at the end of the lake this autumn! The Halle 7 of Palexpo will be home to 60 life-size animated dinosaurs. These animatronics will be installed on a number of interactive stages in an exhibition covering a total of 4500 sq. m. Realistic technology will allow these giant animals to both move and growl. 35 different species will be on show to the public, including Triceratops, Brachiosaurus and the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex. The stages that accommodate these impressive specimens recall the environment in which they roamed millions of years ago. Visitors will thus be plunged into the vanished world of these huge dinosaurs.

At the heart of the Mesozoic era
Principally aimed at children, the exhibition has a truly didactic quality. The itinerary starts with explanations about the origins of life and the different geological periods during which these species evolved. The replica of a fossilized dinosaur provides the opportunity to answer questions about their disappearance, the procedures for conserving their footprints and other significant facts about paleontological discoveries.

Along the way, a short text presents each species and provides information about its weight, its size, the period during which it lived, its diet and other relevant details. The audio-guides distributed at the entrance provide a host of other interesting facts for enthusiasts. At the end of the exhibition, a 12-minute film provides a glimpse of the evolution of these prehistoric animals, reproduced by means of digital imagery.

Partnership with the JURASSICA Museum and the Museum of natural history
Visitors to Palexpo will be able to imagine the presence of these giants in our regions thanks to the generous contribution of the JURASSICA Museum. A unique heritage of several dozen footprints of huge four-footed herbivores and carnivorous biped pterodactyls will be moving from the Jura to Geneva. The replica of a baby sauropod and numerous documentary explanations will allow visitors to take stock of the paleontological riches of our country. These exceptional remains, bearing witness to a history of some 150 million years, were discovered during the building of the motorway between Porrentruy and Boncourt and from open sites around Porrentruy.

In September, as part of its celebrations of the 50th anniversary of its Malagnou home, the Museum of natural history of the city of Geneva will be presenting a more scientific content, including the display of an impressive collection of dinosaur fossils, discovered in the state of Wyoming in the USA, including a world première. Natural synergies have developed between the two exhibitions in order to offer the public a wealth of complementary information. The natural history Museum will be present at Palexpo and will be notably displaying a didactic map of the remarkable paleontological sites in Switzerland.

Entertainment specially devised for children
A special place has been reserved for children in the last room of the exhibition. They will be able to remotely control the movements of the dinosaurs, hide in a dino egg, ride on a moving dinosaur or have their picture taken in the company of an adorable baby T-Rex !
Geneva Palexpo Halle 7
From 1st October 2016 to 8 January 2017
Opening hours: from 10 am to 7 pm.
Every day from 1st October 2016 to 2 November 2016.
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 3 November 2016 to 16 December 2016. Every day from 17 December 2016 to 8 January 2017.
Tariffs: from CHF 14.90.- to CHF 18.90.- including audio guide Tickets on sale from 1st July 2016 on the Ticketcorner network