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CineTransat-2012-015 web

Photo credit: Sébastien Puiatti

CinéTransat is celebrating its 5th birthday this year, with an impressive line-up of free films being shown in the open air throughout July and August, many of which will be shown in their original version.

With 5 more weeks still remaining, the films will be shown in the Parc De La Perle Du Lac near the Restaurant La Perle Du Lac, close to the center of Geneva.  Films will start as soon as darkness sets in – around 10pm in July and 9.15pm in August, depending on the date and weather.  Visitors are advised to arrive early in order to secure a good picnic spot on the grass, either on their own blanket or chair, or on chairs hired from the organizers, which are available from 7pm onwards for just Fr. 5.-.

Apart from the animated movie, Princesse Mononoke, any non-francophone films will be shown in their original version with sub-titles.  These include many popular titles such as “The Full Monty”, “The Great Dictator”, “James Bond – Goldfinger” and “Hair” – just check out the website to view the full list of films which will be shown from Thursday to Sunday every week between 11 July and 18 August, 2013.

CineTransat-2012-022 web

Photo credit: Sébastien Puiatti

To make the occasion a little more interactive, CinéTransat will be holding a number of themed evenings this year, including a zombie theme on 20 July to coincide with the screening of "Shaun of the Dead", and a blue theme on 17 August to coincide with "Avatar", where viewers will also have the opportunity to do a bit of star gazing after the film with experts from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the Astronomical Society of Geneva (SAGI). Click here to view the full list of themed evenings.

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