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With the Paléo rock festival beginning today in Nyon on 20 July many of you may be wondering how on earth you will manage to get home when the last concert finishes in the early hours of the morning.

With the support of TCS, SBB and NStCM, most regions in the west of Switzerland will offer a rail or coach service, available at a special Paléo fare. Nyon’s district buses will be provided free of charge.

For those of you returning to Geneva by the special night trains, there will also be a free bus service to run you home safely from Cornavin station.  The last bus will operate at 04h30 on Friday 23 July to Sunday 25 July. A detailed timetable can be viewed at: http://tpg.ch/fr/actualites/a-la-une/21-26-juillet-navettes-paleo.php

Further information on the Paleo programme of events can be found by visiting the website, www.paleo.ch.  The festival will run over 6 days, from 20-25 July, and will feature over 170 concerts.