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PMS joint blog 448

Photo: ©Dare to Glow by Undine Groeger
Article by Carolina Rodriguez Barros, Dare to Glow, (www.daretoglow.com) and Hiba Giacoletto, Healthwise Health Coaching (www.healthwise.ch)

Do you suffer from PMS or Premenstrual Symptoms, that transform you into a different person in the days before or during your period?

You are not alone. About 85% of women experience some form of PMS - but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence and accept this as the new normal.

Pain-free periods can become a reality by taking a holistic view of this time of month, examining the emotional and spiritual aspects linked to embracing your cycle as well as changes you can make to your relationship to your body and what you eat.

Here are some simple ways to transform your PMS experience that Hiba from Healthwise Health Coaching (www.healthwise.ch) and I share with our clients. Part 1 will focus on emotional and spiritual techniques, and Part 2 will focus more on nutritional methods.


Many women actually reject the menstrual cycle they experience every month.

They may feel ashamed, sick, tired and because they hate having their period, they try to avoid any symptom that comes with menstruation. This attitude is often passed down across many generations, and talking about menstruation is a taboo within the family and society in general.

Yet these painful memories, negative thoughts and emotions simply reinforce the physical pain that a woman is experiencing every month.

Additionally, living and working in a society that expects women to be emotionally and mentally consistent all month subtly forces women to adapt to these expectations.

Yet on a biological and physical level, women change every day and resisting these natural fluctuations in our cycle by trying to adapt to societal expectations of stability leads to emotional and mentally exhaustion which merely increases physical pain.

One of the practices of the Self-Actualized Woman involves embracing her womb and cyclical nature to better live up to her potential every month, every day.

Practice : A simple visualization to ease the PMS is the base of the Self Actualized Woman’s practice - get it here: http://bit.ly/1f3Vp9H


Many women who experience PMS tend to ignore the bodily experience of the cycle and its signs of heaviness, tiredness, low blood pressure, irritability. They force themselves to  push through these sensations and keep going as usual.

By doing this, they forget that their bodies are cyclical in nature and beautifully adapted to accommodate the bleeding phase of our cycle. In the days leading up to this time and during menstruation, a woman’s womb can almost double in size, expanding from the size of a fist to a fist and a half or more. With these physical changes, it makes sense that the body becomes “bloated” and the abdomen area expands.

Due to the flat stomach obsession in our culture, many women reject and hate their stomach even more during this time, blaming themselves when normal clothes do not fit or become uncomfortable.

Instead of cursing your less-than-flat stomach, consider that your body is merely asking you to slow down and listen, preparing you to withdraw from demanding physical activities and sport.

By honoring your body’s needs and giving it the rest it needs during this time, you will be able to reduce PMS.

The aim of any physical activity during this phase of the cycle is to create the best possible environment for nature to follow its course and bring into balance any disturbances, mental or physical, which may occur in the days before or during menstruation.

For example, the following poses work against the nature of menstruation: Inverted postures, backbends, closed twists and strong abdominal contractions.

Practice: Discover the Body Work that reduces PMS here: http://bit.ly/MpBiGO

Click here to read Part 2 of our joint blog, focusing on nutritional methods for ensuring pain-free periods, in HIba's section of the site.


Carolina Contact 2014Carolina Rodriguez Barros is one of those rare trainers, with a talent for transforming lives.  She calls herself a Glowing Master, and uses her expertise in transforming women's lives to focus on the development of an authentic, feminine body, identity, and style for sustained personal and professional growth.

Formerly an Industrial Designer from the University of Buenos Aires, Carolina is an author, speaker and consultant in Geneva.  She began her international career working in marketing and communications in South America and Southeast Asia. Her personal journey of transformation started in 2006, when a divorce and relocation put her life and ideas upside-down. Since then she has been initiated and trained in shamanism, energetic healing arts, quantum psychology, bio-decodification, body awareness and personal image.

She founded Dare to Glow in 2009 and now devotes her time to guiding dynamic professional women, helping them tap into their inner source of power, purpose and possibilities. Her passion for creativity and self-expression have led her to write "Reflections: how you see yourself and how others see you".

Check out her blog on knowitall.ch in our Careers section, under Women's Careers.