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Personal branding has become a buzzword in recent years and it is commonly accepted that each and every one of us is a brand except we just don't know it…..

But as luck would have it I have just finished reading an excellent book about Personal branding by John Purkiss and David Royston-Lee of Brand You — Turn Your Unique Talents Into A Winning Formula and as the authors state in their book, “Building your brand is about discovering the talents you love to use, as well as your values and your purpose. Everything else – including your goals, objectives, aims and personal brand statement – flows from these discoveries about yourself.”  

I have used exercises in this book with countless clients (including myself) and some younger clients too (my boys aged 13, and 17)….and it always works; it always gives clients a richer understanding of who they are and always gives them a clearer indication where they want to be. Most significantly it gives a better insight into their own personal brand, their own identity and their own talents.

Here is what to do

  1. Start with a blank sheet of paper. In a column on the left hand side, make a list of the high points – or peak experiences – in your life.
  2. Your high points could occur in any area of your life, including school, university, work, hobbies, travel, time with your family or playing sport.
  3. The more experiences you identify and note down, the more material you have to work with.
  4. The second step is to question each high point. Which talents were you using and which did you enjoy the using the most?
  5. With what kind of people? In what kind of situation? You may notice themes connecting the high points. This will tell you the talents you love to use and the way you enjoy using them.
  6. Now it is time to discover your values — the things you believe are important.
  7. On another blank sheet of paper, make a list of everyone you admire. Think of your family, friends, current and former colleagues, famous people, fictional people, cartoon characters and so on. Even if you admire someone for one particular attribute, and nothing else, you should still include them on your list.
  8. Now note down the qualities you admire about each person. It's entirely up to you what you write. Again, it does not have to be socially acceptable.

This exercise can be done individually or in a group. It is really very insightful.

As they say in their book “once you have an understanding of your talents and your values, you have the basis for building a very strong brand.”

Good luck!

References: John Purkiss is the co-author with David Royston-Lee of Brand You — Turn Your Unique Talents Into A Winning Formula http://www.brandyou.info/


sunita blogphoto 150Sunita Sehmi was born in London and is of Indian origin. She has a Psychology degree and a Post Grad in the Development and Training for Adults from the University of Surrey.

She began her career in the recruitment industry where she worked in Executive Finance Recruitment in the city of London. Upon her arrival in Geneva, she completed the advanced level Cambridge University training certificate (CELTA) and thus began a career in teaching, training and development. She has taught English and Communication skills both in companies and in educational institutions for over twenty years. She is now the founder of Walk The Talk. www.walkthetalk.ch

Sunita lives Geneva with her husband and their two boys. She is currently studying towards a Masters in Career Management and Coaching at the University of Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchatel and Fribourg.