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Article by Carolina Rodriguez Barros, www.daretoglow.com

Today I want to share with you the advice we give on our workshops on Presence and Voice Coaching with Maria Wilhelmsson from Vox Impact.
You will find a list of incredible simple exercises you can start practicing every time you have an important meeting or presentation. Every time you need to be heard, understood and remembered.

1- Mental Grounding

Clarify your own goals and the best way to reach them

- What is my goal with this meeting? What is the best possible outcome for me personally?

- In order to achieve that outcome, what is the most resourceful state of mind that I could be in? What stops me from being in that state of mind?

- What can I predict about this meeting that might trigger an undesired emotional response in me? (E.g. a person, an event, a comment, etc.). What can I do to prevent that from happening?

Visualize a successful meeting/ conversation

Visualize what you want the meeting or conversation to be like. Like a movie, watch yourself getting ready for the meeting: What are you wearing, how are you walking/ standing/ sitting? Who is there? How do you greet them? Where will you sit? How do you sit? What does your voice sound like? How do you make eye contact with your speaking partners? What does it feel like in the meeting? How do you feel when the meeting is over?

Know what to watch out for

Once you are in the meeting, how will you notice if you get emotionally triggered? What are the early warning signs? Posture? Voice? Tics? What can you do to stop your emotional response?

When speaking, are you taking on the role of a parent, a child or an adult? If any of the former two, how can you move into the adult (objective, rational) role?

2 - Physical Grounding


Take a brisk walk to get fresh air, oxygenize your brain and to get rid of adrenalin. If you are short of time, do a few push-ups against the wall to energize yourself.


Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees and lift your arms.  Cross your fingers with palms towards the ceiling. Press the floor with your feet and lift your body and arms to the maximum as if you want to compress the air in between your palms and the ceiling. Bend to the right and to the left.

Feel how you get taller and how your posture improves.


Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Move your weight to the front part of your feet by leaning forward. Then get up on your toes and move up and down a few times.


Sit on a chair with your spine straight and both feet planted on the floor. Cover your left nostril with your thumb and inhale slowly through your right nostril. Hold your breath for a while, then exhale through your left nostril, covering the right one with your index finger. Repeat at least 5 times.

Vocal warm-up

Sound release: Squat with your buttocks as close to the floor as possible. Hold on to a table or a door handle to ensure your balance. Lift your buttocks up 5 cm from the floor, then let your body “fall” back down again while you release a deep sigh on “huh”. Let you body and gravity make the sound. Repeat a few times.

The siren: On an “nnngg”, glide up and down in your voice range, making the movements increasingly larger. Remember the inner smile, relaxed jaws and anchoring your neck (make sure your chin is not sticking out).

Until next article, practice this exercise and feel the difference!

Maria Wilhelmsson

Carolina Rodriguez Barros


Carolina Rodriguez Barros is the founder and director of Dare to Glow S.A. She thinks of herself as a Glowing Master because of her expertise in transforming women's lives, focusing on the development of an authentic, feminine body, identity, and style for sustained personal and professional growth.

Carolina began her career working in marketing and communications in South America and Southeast Asia. She began a long personal journey in 2007, ready to transform herself inside-out and turn her life upside-down. She searched for solutions everywhere: from Shinto Shamanism and Reiki with a Private Master, to Quantum Medicine, Body Awareness and Personal Image.

She founded Dare to Glow in 2009 and now devotes her time to guiding dynamic women from all walks of life, helping them tap into their inner source of power and express it in the world. To complement her clients needs, Carolina collaborates with a selected team of professionals in different fields. 'Transformation is a ripple effect, once you start, you want to keep going', she says.

Check out her blog on knowitall.ch in our Careers section, under Women's Careers.