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By Samiel Carolina Rodriguez Barros, www.samielcarolina.com

This is a conversation that happens discretely, when doors are closed and women feel safe to reveal how they really feel about motherhood. Specially those women that like me, haven’t ( and know they will never do ) given birth to a child.

Women who have chosen not to be biological mothers feel, many times, secretly, the pressure of society, social groups, our own parents, even random acquaintances : we can recognise that piercing look of people wondering what’s wrong with us…

“So, do you have children?” - is the question many women fear coming up in a conversation. Not even mention the messages from parents that want to be grandparents. The pressure is unspoken, but it is real. Grieving the experience of biological birth and motherhood is something I work with many women at the Soul Alchemy Sessions. Making peace with our choices for is crucial if we want to voice our truth, releasing any remnant of guilt and shame we may carry. We then can give birth to our ideas, businesses and ourselves in a whole new way.

The pressure is a shared feeling within women who have had to made choices at certain crossroads and circumstances - career, relationships, health.  I’ve been looking for more than 2 years for the right woman to start this conversation : Motherhood as a conscious choice.

I recently “discovered” Duda thanks you her article “Why I have no desire to be a birth mother ?” with 80’000 views in just 3 days… it’s clear this is a hot topic for us women. And it is time to share our voices. And why not, end with the glorification of motherhood, before it becomes one more label that defines our worth as women.

“I don’t have maternal instincts to birth a baby, but I’m a very maternal parent within my compassion, love, and kindness towards all human beings and all living creatures” ~ Duda.

Join us as we delve into a very Courageous Conversation with Duda while we talk about what it means to be a mother. Taboos regarding what we are allowed to ask for ourselves as women, redefining Sisterhood/Motherhood, honoring our inner knowing and so much more…

Watch the Conversation here :

Courageous Conversation with Duda from Samiel Carolina on Vimeo.

Listen to the Conversation here:


»»» This conversation is part of a monthly series for heart centered, soulful explorations about our divine human life. Samiel Carolina invites experts in the fields of personal development, spirituality, sexuality, business, creativity and relationships.

»»» About Duda, from Kick Ass Muse

Duda is a Buddhist life coach, speaker and writer.

She is the founder of Kick Ass Muse, which started as a coaching business and has grown, to provide online courses, dedicated Facebook groups and a YouTube TV channel.

In her work, Duda turns to the Buddhist Psychology. After spending time in a Buddhist Monastery and taking vows, she sees herself as a bridge between the monks and the ordinary person wanting to apply Buddhism in their every day life using a simple, practical approach.

She is known as a grounded visionary, with a no-nonsense communication style and believes that the attainment of wisdom is the core of personal development.

Connect with Duda in any of her websites : www.kickassmuse.com or www.sanamretreat.com

Listen to more courageous conversations here on the blog (www.samielcarolina.com/category/conversations/)

»»» To book your complementary courageous conversation with Samiel Carolina and know more about the Soul Alchemy Sessions, go here : http://www.samielcarolina.com/journey/

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Author's Bio

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Samiel’s work is based on a lifetime of studying the feminine. Her personal journey to fully embrace and embody her femininity in an authentic way has taken her from exploring diverse body work techniques to fashion and modelling, to quantum psychology, alternative therapy, energy healing and spiritual South American traditions.

As a soulful healer, an intuitive visionary, a peaceful warrior, speaker, writer and international retreat leader, Samiel’s mission is to transform the world into a safe space. She offers women a way to access their unique gifts that enable them to thrive, love openly and to come back to a place of peace, clarity and creativity whenever they need it.

If you are craving sustainable transformation, you are invited to discover the path of the Glowing Woman that liberates you, giving you access to your unique glowing feminine essence, with private guidance, sacred readings, group programs and courageous conversations on Samiel’s blog.