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Photo: ©Dare to Glow by Undine Groeger 

Article by Carolina Rodriguez Barros, www.daretoglow.com

Something is happening in our time to the roles of women. It’s almost as if a new kind of woman is emerging. Ancient cultures such as Mayan, Mongolian and Native American foresaw the Era of Women. They said that our time was coming.

They also warned us not to fight against existing models or systems, their teachings speak about dreaming and creating our own paradigm. Three essential qualities must be cultivated. Qualities that women are conditioned to disregard, misuse or deny as a form of protection and survival : patience, courage and trust.  

We read everywhere about the rise of feminine energy; the ancient teachings speak about the rise of YIN qualities, which is more than femininity:

YIN : negative, opaque, down, night, darkness, materiality, slow, feminine, slim, weight, concrete, brain, entrance, deep, right, ventral, peaceful, inhibition, inactivity, substance, nutritious, low, inner space, Xu (deficiency)

YANG : positive, brilliant, soaring, sky, up, day, light, non-sustainability, fast, masculine, big, light, abstract, psyche, exit, ascend, cephalic, lateral, superficial, left, back, movement, excitement, activity, hyperactivity, functional, strong, external, Shi (excess)

Let’s sit down together for a moment and read again the list of qualities for each energy. Ask yourself :

Which energy do you use the most ? Where do you feel unbalanced? What could you do to center yourself again?

The new model is the one that integrates both aspects of the All (the Tao) : what we know as the Yin and Yang. The new model is born through women, for women relate to the YIN aspects more naturally - especially when they allow themselves to feel and to become the seeds of all creation.  Woman now has an important role to play. And also an important task before she even tries to step forward : to actualise her sense of “Self”, to realise that she cannot wear the same old masks of protection. In her new role she embraces everything she is, leads her own transformation and many follow her. I call her the Self-Actualized Woman.

Who is she?

The Self-Actualized Woman, as I like to call her, has understood that it is time to stop the fight. For what you resist, persist. The Glowing Woman knows that when she lets her own light glow, she inspires others to glow as well, therefore creating a better world.

She has shredded the identity set up on her and created her own. She is unique in her own way. She has integrated the feminine and masculine energies.

She has overcome with serenity the struggles. She embraces the self doubt and does not allow it to rule her life nor to consume her energy.

Now, she has access to her knowing when she needs guidance. She taps into her true self to find inspiration and direction in her life.

The Self-Actualized Woman feels empowered from her deepest core. She knows that her identity does not stem from her appearance, her titles or her possessions.

She is aligned, embracing everything that she is, and everything she is not.  She is in tune with her intuition and her emotions. She has the courage to show her true self to the world. She has gained an awareness that bestows her with inner strength and light.

She paves the way and opens the door for change and transformation. She is confident. She Dares to Glow.

Carolina Rodriguez Barros


Carolina Rodriguez Barros is one of those rare trainers, with a talent for transforming lives.  She calls herself a Glowing Master, and uses her expertise in transforming women's lives to focus on the development of an authentic, feminine body, identity, and style for sustained personal and professional growth.

Formerly an Industrial Designer from the University of Buenos Aires, Carolina is an author, speaker and consultant in Geneva.  She began her international career working in marketing and communications in South America and Southeast Asia. Her personal journey of transformation started in 2006, when a divorce and relocation put her life and ideas upside-down. Since then she has been initiated and trained in shamanism, energetic healing arts, quantum psychology, bio-decodification, body awareness and personal image.

She founded Dare to Glow in 2009 and now devotes her time to guiding dynamic professional women, helping them tap into their inner source of power, purpose and possibilities. Her passion for creativity and self-expression have led her to write "Reflections: how you see yourself and how others see you".

Check out her blog on knowitall.ch in our Careers section, under Women's Careers.