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Samiel’s work is based on a lifetime of studying the feminine. Her personal journey to fully embrace and embody her femininity in an authentic way has taken her from exploring diverse body work techniques to fashion and modelling, to quantum psychology, alternative therapy, energy healing and spiritual South American traditions.

As a soulful healer, an intuitive visionary, a peaceful warrior, speaker, writer and international retreat leader, Samiel’s mission is to transform the world into a safe space. She offers women a way to access their unique gifts that enable them to thrive, love openly and to come back to a place of peace, clarity and creativity whenever they need it.

If you are craving sustainable transformation, you are invited to discover the path of the Glowing Woman that liberates you, giving you access to your unique glowing feminine essence, with private guidance, sacred readings, group programs and courageous conversations on Samiel’s blog.




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By Samiel Carolina Rodriguez Barros, www.samielcarolina.com

This is a conversation that happens discretely, when doors are closed and women feel safe to reveal how they really feel about motherhood. Specially those women that like me, haven’t ( and know they will never do ) given birth to a child.

Women who have chosen not to be biological mothers feel, many times, secretly, the pressure of society, social groups, our own parents, even random acquaintances : we can recognise that piercing look of people wondering what’s wrong with us…

“So, do you have children?” - is the question many women fear coming up in a conversation. Not even mention the messages from parents that want to be grandparents. The pressure is unspoken, but it is real. Grieving the experience of biological birth and motherhood is something I work with many women at the Soul Alchemy Sessions. Making peace with our choices for is crucial if we want to voice our truth, releasing any remnant of guilt and shame we may carry. We then can give birth to our ideas, businesses and ourselves in a whole new way.

The pressure is a shared feeling within women who have had to made choices at certain crossroads and circumstances - career, relationships, health.  I’ve been looking for more than 2 years for the right woman to start this conversation : Motherhood as a conscious choice.

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By Samiel Carolina Rodriguez Barros, www.samielcarolina.com

“We only know our light, by looking into our shadow. One defines AND complements the other.”

Welcome to our first Courageous Conversation on the knowitall.ch blog. This is one of my favourites ways to share love and inspiration, and I’m so excited to have this opportunity and bring it to you here.

In this occasion, I invited Monica Pelayo to discuss why embracing your shadow is so important to live as a whole, happy human.

I met Monica last year in Bali, during the Awakened Woman Conference. I instantly fell in love with her way of speaking about deep, real, raw human “stuff”. Sometimes the sweet candy taste of the “light” and the glamorous goddesses dresses feel unreal here on Earth.

As a good scorpio myself, I’m in love with the constant dance of the shadow and the light, the alchemy and magic of the two. I like it real. I like it as it is. I knew Monica was the person to have this conversation. So I flew all the way to Madrid to meet her, and of course magic happened!

  • Are spiritual practices promising the return of our light, to only create more split, comparison and confusion?
  • Is “the shadow” really bad?
  • And most importantly, how the gifts of the shadow can either hold you back or move you forward.

Monica shares a simple practice to learn from your shadow, and her personal experience on how her own shadow helped her to advance her business !

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By Carolina Rodriguez Barros, www.daretoglow.com

As the first born daughter in a family of highly successful architects in Argentina, I felt a lot of pressure growing up to set a good example for my sisters and to make my family proud of me. My father is a very tall man and my mother very beautiful, and I remember at a young age being told by people around me..."Look at those long legs! You could be a model!" And so a seed was planted deep inside my mind.

The truth was, I was not feeling pretty or attractive at all. On the contrary, I felt like the ugly duckling most of my puberty and teenage years. In 1995 I turned 20 and finished my studies at a very prominent high school within Buenos Aires. Following in my family's footsteps, I continued my education studying Industrial Design at University. There were not very many women is this field at this time and it brought many challenges to my life.

At the same time the seeds which had been planted years before began to sprout and grow...maybe I could be a model after all. I was at the age where fashion, clothes, makeup, art, travel and all things glamorous are desirable.

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By Carolina Rodriguez Barros, www.daretoglow.com

We all have moments in our life when we feel unauthentic or stuck.

Many women come to me at a time when they are feeing disconnected from themselves and can no longer remember their Dream. They are lost inside their own thoughts of who they "think" they should be, who they "think" they are, and how they "truly" want to be.

“I am not being myself.” “I do not feel authentic.”

Can you relate ?

And here is the thing : there is no way to not being authentic. You are always being who you think you are. The way you show up at any given moment is based on how you are thinking and feeling.

To me, being authentic is 100% related to being aligned in mind-body and heart and acting from a place of integrity every day : showing up based on your values and what is truly important to you. Not compromising and endlessly adapting to external circumstances and people.

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By Carolina Rodriguez Barros, www.daretoglow.com

I recently gave a speech on women’s leadership and wellbeing at one of the UN Women’s Networks where I shared these 3 top sources of stress, and practical solutions to overcome them. It is important information most of the time totally overlooked at the workplace, so I decided to share it with you here today :

Source of stress #1 : The illusion of “Separation”. The belief that “I have to do it alone” . Until recently, scientific research has proved that humans react to stress with a “fight or flight” response. But … did you know that over the last 4 decades, 90% of scientific research on stress (or any other on hormones, for that matter) has been done exclusively on men ? Why ? Because the female hormonal system is too unpredictable and changing. Until two female researchers, Dr. Klein and Dr. Taylor, in late 90’s did a research on stress hormones on women. They demonstrated that during the male response of “fight or flight”, men produce testosterone, the hormone that reduces stress hormones (such as cortisol) in men. Women's response is completely different because they need a very different hormone to lower the stress levels. They called the female response to stress “tend and befriend”, which helps the female body to produce oxytocin, the hormone that women need to lower stress.