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Switzerland: the promised land, beautiful mountains, clean streets, efficient transport system, excellent quality of life - who wouldn’t jump at the chance to live here?  The answer is: those who will give up their job to follow their partner.  Who wouldn’t live here forever? The answer is: those who want to work here but have not succeeded in finding a job or settling in.

The Spouse Career Centre (SCC) works with dual career couples intent on making their relocation a success, by finding a job, setting up a business or settling in. 

A successful career search is based upon understanding the local job market, having and successfully using your network, dedication, remaining motivated and knowing the job search process.  The centre has successfully supported expats for the last 10 years throughout Switzerland in all of these areas.  

Diana Ritchie, Managing Director for SCC in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, provides a few brief tips, to keep in mind while you job hunt:

1.    Job openings are found:

a.    on the internet (job search websites like jopup.ch, jobs.ch)
b.    through word of mouth – important to work and expand your network
c.    sending spontaneous applications to targeted and well researched companies

2.    It takes on average 4-6 months to find a job.

3.    Your resume and covering letter should clearly state what you can do for your potential employer.

4.    It is an employer’s market and job advertisements ask for it all (5 languages, relevant experience, MBA, willing to muck in where needed etc.).  Do not get discouraged – you do not have to have 100% of the requirements to apply, 80% could be enough, especially if they do not find the candidate who has the 100%.  If in doubt call ahead and ask.

5.    Recruitment in Switzerland can appear like a black hole – you send your application and never hear back.  I have no explanation as to why this happens, but I can recommend that you follow up on your applications whenever possible.

If you know of a trailing male spouse/partner interested in sharing their relocation experience via SCC’s online survey, please direct them to:


As encouragement they will be invited to a men’s night out.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about SCC’s services please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.