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davidcooperKnowitall.ch has teamed up with David Cooper, Director of Fund Advisers Europe, to provide you with the latest financial news and offer some useful tips for managing the financial “issues” in your life.  David has over 20 years’ experience growing wealth management brokerages throughout Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. The primary objective of his role at Fund Advisers is the creation of growth in Fund Advisers Europe and its client portfolios via its’ Discretionary Fund Management service.

Visit the Fund Advisers website for more information at www.fundadvisers.eu.

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By David Cooper, Fund Advisers Europe

One of the greatest benefits of overseas private and offshore investments is that these types of funds are less regulated than the onshore varieties. This allows greater freedom to facilitate diversification of investments and leverage the inherent wealth management capabilities.

Why should I invest offshore and how does it affect my tax liability?
Tax is traditionally seen as the driving force behind investing offshore. The advantages of offshore investments are offshore asset protection, paying less tax, wealth management, greater freedom of choice and greater ROI.

What are the benefits of investing offshore?
Motivations for investment offshore include tax advantages, investment diversification, avoidance of forced heir-ship, lower levels of regulation, privacy and specialist financial services.


One of our best performing funds within our portfolios is the Coral Student Portfolio.

The Coral Student Portfolio is a managed liquidity fund which targets sustainable returns of 8-10% per annual net. It’s the most diversified student accommodation portfolio in the sector and provides a valuable benefit package for all its investors. Coral offers the first fund-of-funds in this dynamic and ever growing asset class. Investors are provided with access to funds generally only available within an intuition.

Fund Managers John Kennedy and Lawrence Frampton confirm that

“A key element of our Fund’s investment strategy is to target locations offering the best value over a period of time. Their structure lends flexibility in selecting the best opportunities in this popular asset class. This market is maturing and investors focus must be on location and operator pedigree with an emphasis on top-tier universities.”


By David Cooper, Fund Advisers Europe

Plan for the future—that’s where you are going to spend the rest of your life!

Regardless of your age, retirement planning is essential in order to be prepared and comfortable in the golden years of life. Systematic and early retirement planning can reduce your financial burden during the post retirement years and help you plan for a carefree and financially secure post retirement life.

Expatriates are Vulnerable
Expatriates are vulnerable when it comes to saving for retirement. For an expat to be eligible for a state pension, they have to pay into it. But if they then move location they risk losing their contributions in the previous country. You can only take 25% of a UK pension as a UK tax-exempt lump sum; and on your death, the residual value of a UK pension is passed to the State rather than to your heirs.

How do I start planning for my retirement?
The sooner you start to plan and save, the more you will eventually have to retire with and the sooner you can stop worrying about your future. Decide how much income you require to live comfortably in your post-retirement years, determine how much you need to save regularly, starting today, to have the right amount. Then select the right retirement plan, which will help you meet your post-retirement requirements.

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By David Cooper, Fund Advisers Europe

Insurance Cover for Your Loved Ones
Insurance provides you with the necessary protection to shield your family and loved ones against the financial loss arising from unforeseen events. It’s important that you make yourself aware of all the different personal insurance products on offer, compare them and the insurance costs, then select the one that is best suited to your needs.

Types of Personal Insurance
While there are a multitude of personal insurance products available, think of each type as a different strand in your safety net. These are Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Income Protection Insurance.

ChildrensEducation web

By David Cooper, Fund Advisers Europe

Educate Your Children – Invest in Their Future
Every parent wants to give their children the best possible start in life - but the prospect of funding a child's education right through to university can be daunting. However, with careful planning and good advice, you can make your money work for you to educate your children the way you want to.  

How do private and state schools compare?
There are no clear-cut answers or conclusions.  State schools have their advantages and disadvantages. Private schools offer an alternative. Which works best for you? Some comparisons between state and private schools can be: what is the curriculum, admission standards, accountability, accreditation, graduation rates, cost, discipline and teacher certification.