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There are great advantages to living in the French countryside. However one of the things we miss most about living in Switzerland is our fabulous neighbours.

How can you not get excited about a group of people welcoming you with a huge vase of handmade chocolates and a delicious cake and champagne to boot?

When we met our neighbours, the Cartier’s, the first product that came to mind was jewellery… but there is another Cartier family that has just as long a history and also produces fabulously rich sumptuous products. These Cartier products, however, you can eat!

Their business was started by André Cartier in 1858, selling pastries and chocolate from his shop in Versoix. The business is still run from that very shop 126 years later!  Mark Cartier is now the owner and master chocolatier that carries on the 6 generation tradition.

The business has grown over the years to include a shop in Geneva named O'Saveur. At the heart of the business is the Cartier's Chocolate Laboratory, which Mark designed himself - an appropriate description as in my opinion making great chocolate is a science as well as an art!

I was lucky enough to visit the Laboratory recently. Mark's design of a labyrinthine series of interconnected fridges and cold rooms ensures that at every stage of production the chocolate is kept at the perfect temperature.

Out of this state of the art lab comes many award winning delectable treats, their Chocolate Passion Cake and his amazing truffles, as well as over 200 made to order cakes per week! Mark has personally trained all his staff, who have won awards in many of Switzerland's chocolate competitions.

The Cartier's will have a stand at this weekend’s chocolate festival in Versoix. Our family will be first in line to decorate our own chocolate bunnies at their stand this Saturday … as we no longer have such a direct access to our favourite chocolate ... but it will be well worth the trip back to our old stomping grounds and a great family day out.

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