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Milena McRae

Milena McRae works with individuals and groups from all walks of life, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.  As a certified life coach, she specialises in helping you discover your purpose and create an environment that is supportive of it.  In working with Milena, you will be guided to analyse your existing beliefs, patterns of thinking and behaviors that are at the core of your current results and then transform and align them with your desired results.

Whether your challenge in life is in discontent with your current results or in longing for better and more — be it in your health, relationships, occupation or time and money freedom, Milena can help you take confident steps towards the life you know you deserve and want to be living now.





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by Milena McRae, www.milenamcrae.com

According to Mayo Clinic research, embracing forgiveness and relieving yourself of past pains plays a vital role in our Physical, Emotional and Spiritual health.  

On the Physical level, letting go of the past boosts your immune system, lowers your blood pressure improving heart health, relieves acute and chronic pain, improves digestion and balances your hormones.  Emotionally, forgiveness reduces stress, anxiety and hostility, enhances self-esteem, increases compassion and opens us to better relationships. On the Spiritual level, we feel re-connected with our closer and wider environment, our world expands and we are open to hear the innate guidance on how to proceed every day in alignment with our greater purpose.

Yet for many, forgiving and letting go doesn't come spontaneously.   I would like to share with you the practice I have developed and find really easy to follow.

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by Milena McRae, www.milenamcrae.com

As we go through life, we distinguish as clearly as black and white between the good and the bad - we learn to do this from a very young age as we are trained by our well-meaning environment to become an individual who fits in with the expectations of the system and those around us.  So our beliefs about what is good and what is bad are deeply ingrained in us and form the basis of our habits, behaviours and choices we make later in life.

Once established, we use this framework to navigate through life and make conscious choices.  Habitually then, when we don't like our circumstances, we are prompted into action, focusing on the negative results in order to rectify them.  This causes us to focus our energy and time on the negative side of things before the desired circumstances seem even possible.  

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by Milena McRae, www.milenamcrae.com

I’ve heard it said that some people live ninety years and others live one year ninety times.  The difference is that those living their years to the fullest are living their dreams.  We are all capable of living our dream lives when we open ourselves up to possibilities and opportunities.
We have been trained to look at conditions to determine what the opportunities and possibilities are for our lives, though these conditions can be limiting when viewed with just the five senses.  When we live outside the standard senses and use intuition, imagination, and perception we are able to more clearly see our heart’s desire and the dreams that will bring us the happiness we yearn.  We all have an inner voice but it is not one of reason or logic...it is the voice of guidance.  This voice may not make sense to anyone else but it is there to help us recognize and nurture the thoughts that build dreams of our very own.